22 Islamic Terrorist Training Camps Found In These American States

Radical Islam EXPOSED! It’s worse than we thought!

Ryan Mauro is a member of the Clarion project, an organization founded in order to enlighten people about the very real dangers Radical Islam poses. As much as Democrats would like everyone to believe Islam is peaceful religion full of loving Muslims the truth is a section of Islamists are not peaceful. This section is known as the Radical Islamists and they pose a very large threat to the America way of life.

Mauro recently revealed the location of 22 known Islamist camps throughout the country. Even though the FBI is aware of them they refuse to dismantle them because they don’t consider them to be terrorist camps. However, one of these camps was dismantled after a raid produced blueprints outlining an attack on America.

Via Conservative Post:

The camps are operated by “Muslims For America,” which Mauro said is a terrorist front group.

“They’re a front group for a Pakistani militant terrorist group,” said Mauro. “We have declassified documents from the FBI showing they have links to Al Qaeda.”

Dennis Michael Lynch then recounted visiting one of these camps that was located in upstate New York.

“These places are nestled in the woods in small towns that have only two or three cops,” said Lynch. “The FBI shut down one of them after a raid in which they found blueprints for carrying out terror attacks here in the U.S.”

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21 Comments on 22 Islamic Terrorist Training Camps Found In These American States

  1. Bear the blame by previous Government, kept then soft corner may be b external influence, over the years back it was know to every body on this planet, it is surprise American Government become blind on the day light reality. For the sake of American citizen Government should be serous and exemplary to all nations.

    • they have named the states and towns where these places are!I know where they are in my state.there are 2 of them! you need to pay attention!!

  2. Will there be a “No Bag Limit”? It seems obvious the Government won’t step up- States and individuals will need to resolve this problem…..

  3. The locals in these states and their law enforcement knows about these camps and we want them shut down. We are told that nothing can be done UNTIL they do something illegal. Leading from behind again!

  4. And they had better stay out of Oregon because we know how to deal with these filthy infectious pests! Law enforcement is always welcomed to join in of course, but they are not necessary, we got this!!! Let’s get em!!!

  5. John Locke (AmericanJournalReview), with all the comments here. Why will you not post the address of these Islamic terrorist training camps? The American People need to know.

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