Susan Rice Thinks Trump Not Clever Enough To Negotiate With Kim Jong Un [Video]

It looks like Susan Rice isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

The former Obama Administration official Susan Rice has questioned President Trump’s ability to strongly put together a meeting with Kim Jong Un the North Korean leader. Rice has given a warning that a meeting that fails could double the chance of conflict.

In response to a recent announcement by President Trump meeting with Kim in the upcoming months, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell said to Rice that even if the US is not prepared for such a meeting North Korea sure is ready for negotiations. Susan Rice is not being very honest and still handling Obama’s dirty work as she goes against everything President Trump is working for.

According to 100percentfedup:

Of course, Rice got no push-back from Mitchell. It was obviously a chance to sow doubt into the great news that President Trump will meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. Changing the narrative is what the left does best…

Mitchell asked what the downside would be of a meeting with no results:

The former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and national security adviser replied:

“I think it’s very risky. It risks the president’s credibility, the credibility of the United States, and worse still, I think it increases the risk of conflict if they go into something with very high expectations, poor preparation, and the president acting in his typically mercurial way. We could end up in a much worse place then we are today.”

Rice then began to bash Trump. She claimed President Trump  “may not have the temperament” to execute a successful meeting.


“I do think this is high risk if executed in the typical Trumpian fashion.”


“If, however, the president has the presence of mind and the confidence in his team to allow this to be done responsibly and effectively, then I think it’s worth attempting and the downsides can be potentially mitigated.”

There is method to Rice’s madness and Andrea Mitchell knows it. It’s no mistake that Rice is trying to take away from the good news that North Korea is coming to the table. Shame on her!

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