He’s In Shallow Water When He Feels A Tug At His Feet. Bystander’s Video Quickly Goes Viral

It’s absolutely incredible how big our deep blue ocean is.

With trillions of fish, we have not even discovered 10% of species living under the water.

Some big and some small, they are all unique. From jellyfish to a great white shark, you never know what these mysterious waters are hiding.

Well one man enjoying a beautiful day at sea, received an unexpected surprise from a new friend. 

Reported by awm,

While filming the shore, the camera woman suddenly sees a sea otter pop up not far out. “That is so super random,” she says. “Have you ever seen one?”

The sighting is very exciting for the duo. And they are eager to get a better look at the cute sea otter swimming just out a few feet in the harbor.

“Look it’s rolling around in the water,” she says.

Moments later, the video cuts to a few minutes later. The otter is much closer and is quickly approaching a man and woman standing in the shallows. While the lady has her camera out taking images of the otter, the animal swims right up to her. It’s like a scene from a dream.

Then the otter approaches the man in his shorts. He also has his phone out, but then the otter does something no one expects. It comes right up to him and rubs its cheek against his leg.

As the man reaches down to pet the sea otter, the animal allows him and seems to enjoy it.

The camera woman gets closer and you can see the otter swimming around the man’s legs. It is right up against him and even seems to be getting friendly. Or maybe it just smells something good under his feet?

At the 1:45-mark, the otter shocks everyone all over again. He reaches out of the water and grabs ahold of the man’s leg. The otter is hugging the man.

Watch the footage and enjoy the adorable critter.


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