The Top 10 Most Inappropriate People At WALMART

Weather or not you shop at Wal-Mart, some things in life are just downright hilarious.

Charlie from #Top10s counts down the top 10 inappropriate people at Walmart.

1. This kid decided to relax on the floor for a while as his mum bough stuff. However, his attempt to relax backfired when his mum stood directly over him.

2. I hope this lady specifically came to buy trousers, because it looks like she messed hers up pretty bad.

3. This girl took her bra off and had her out and it looks like she was even about to take off her shorts.

4. Sometimes parents just want their kids to shut up. Well, this lady came up with an awesome invention to do this: Simply take a plastic bag and put it over your kid’s head.

5. We all have a secret… and it looks like this guy’s one just discovered. As he bent over to get some Mow The Lawn 6s, he revealed what he had on under his jeans.

6. Walmart has a reputation for being low budget. However, in 2014, actor and model, Courtney Stodden was seen at Walmart.

7. Some people like to low ride and that’s fine. But many wannabe gangsters often take this a little too far. This man is one of those people, he’s low riding much his jeans are almost at his ankles.

8. It looks like needs to buy some clothes because they casually came to Walmart in their underwear. We all know the saying, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

9. Well, this guy took this a little too far when he when the took a in a Walmart parking lot.

10. I’m not saying everyone should be really skinny, but you should take your back looking like a pair of as a sign to change.


Via| redstatepundit

Now that’s funny… Bahahaha!

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