Trump Exonerated? Trey Gowdy Reveals Details on Live TV That Could End The Mueller Investigation

More details have just emerged and, proof continues to roll in, as the most recent emails are leaked revealing what a farce the Mueller investigation really is. 

During a Fox News episode, Shannon Bream hosted Rep. Trey Gowdy to explain how the newly leaked emails between the fake “dossier” author Christopher Steele, and Obama DOJ Official Bruce Ohr, will blow the entire investigation out of the water!

The Clinton-funded Dossier was put together by Steele a former British Spy’s Russian contacts.

His crooked actions gave access to Comey and the Obama Administration to spy on President Trump. 

Now we have something that is even more severe than the Watergate as these newly leaked emails link Christopher Steele to a senior Obama administration official.

This could only mean one thing… The highest levels of the Obama administration planned the entire basis of the Mueller investigation. 

The leaked email exchanges with Christopher Steele exposed Senior DOJ Official Bruce Ohr during the same time Steele was being paid by Fusion GPS to put this so-called “dossier” together.

Even his wife had connections as she was working for Fusion GPS at the same time. 

Out of patience and ready to call Steele and Ohr to Congress to testify under oath, Representative Trey Gowdy told Bream in an explosive clip how he feels about the investigation into an anti-Trump dossier. 

Gowdy was clear and to the point! 

According to subjectpolitics:

“We have run out of patience… They either need to set this for a date certain or there will be a subpoena issued.”

Do you agree with him? President Trump Tweeted this out, calling out the Mueller probe for what it is.

From The Washington Examiner:

Emails in 2016 between former British spy Christopher Steele and Justice Department official Bruce Ohr suggest Steele was deeply concerned about the legal status of a Putin-linked Russian oligarch, and at times seemed to be advocating on the oligarch’s behalf, in the same time period Steele worked on collecting the Russia-related allegations against Donald Trump that came to be known as the Trump dossier. The emails show Steele and Ohr were in frequent contact, that they intermingled talk about Steele’s research and the oligarch’s affairs, and that Glenn Simpson, head of the dirt-digging group Fusion GPS that hired Steele to compile the dossier, was also part of the ongoing conversation.

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  1. Mueller investigation is an attempt by democrats to cover their own collusion with Russia. After Hillary lost , they became worried and found this way to divert all attentions away from them. We are finding all Boses in DOJ and FBI , every day, how corrupt they were and tried to stop Donald Trump to become President. Hope now Mr Gowdy and all in Congress will take steps to indict all guilty ones and put them behind bars.

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