Democratic House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi believes that America is better off with Obamacare.

Despite the entire country being in a health insurance crisis the democrats still refuse to admit that the fault lies with Obamacare and Obamacare alone. Rather than admit fault, liberals like Nancy Pelosi continue to tell the American public that Obamacare is America’s saving grace. Clearly as members of the upper class these democratic politicians have absolutely no idea what the country is suffering thanks to their beloved Obama.

Via The Whiner:

Despite being an absolute lunatic, Nancy Pelosi has been heavily featured this week as she is calling out Americans for bashing ObamaCare.


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is now telling Americans they should be grateful for everything Obama has done for them since 2008, and they should be thanking him for ObamaCare.

Top House Democrats gave more clues Monday about how they’ll fight GOP efforts to repeal ObamaCare, sharing enrollment figures and stories about Americans saved by the health care law, ahead of President Obama’s visit Wednesday.

“Whatever the circumstance, health wise you are financially better off” with ObamaCare, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Monday on a conference call with reporters.

Obamacare is financially crippling even for the wealthy end of the middle class and the majority of the country is now left with only on election coverage option which is completely unacceptable. Obamacare was presented with the promise that you could keep your coverage if you liked it and that’s not at all what happened. End of story.


  1. When is someone going to commit Nancy to an insane asylum? What in the world are the people of California thinking sending the likes of Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters to Washington? If there were ever good examples of the need for term limits, these folks are them.

    • This woman is so far in left field she could not find her way back with a GPS. Screw Barry Soetoro. That shadow muslim tried to ruin this country. Heres your
      Increible Obamacare. Both my children who are in their early 30s had their coverage dropped by their insurances as soon as Obummercare went into effect.Before they were paying 438 & 583 a month for their old insurance. Now with Obummercare they pay 937 & 996 a month for health insurances Both their deductibles went up to
      5000. All Barry Soetoros great healthcare did was put both into a financial tight spot. WHAT HELP NANCY !!!!!
      My kids got screwed
      just like thousands upon
      Thousands others. It was nothing but another tax.
      Nancy if you & your liberal cohorts think your ex boss think his plan is so great ehu was it passef in the middle of the night without really being read but most of ALL if it is thst damn hood ehu does no one in congress have the coverage why does Barry not have the coverage. You all are so full of shit it makes me puke .

    • The ‘People of California’ need to be in insane asylums too; of course,unless they’re packing to get the Hell out of there. Pelosi is NUTS, that’s indisputable, but if California can’t see it & they AGREE with her put a cage around the state & LOCK them ALL up for their safety & ours.

  2. This is a LUNATIC talking out of HER ASS!!!🤣🤣🤣
    What happened to DACA & IMMIGRATION and now here this LUNATIC is talking about OBAMACARE???
    WTF!!!😲😲😲 YESTERDAY SHE MENTION “5 WHITE GUYS” as a joke no one laughed until about 10sec later after she laughed at her own joke that failed miserably.. it was a courtesy laugh from somewhere out in the crowd.
    Cali vote this “LUNATIC NANCY” out she is all over the place😠😠😡😡

  3. With this kind of representation, California is becoming the most hated state in the country. Pelosi, Feinstein, Waters: what a conglomeration of waste these three are, and how it reflects on the ignorant voters in the state of California !

  4. The cereal State of California have too nmany nuts in it, the Governor is number one among them. And then add the fruits and nuts that they support.

    • Fruits and nuts, Really ?
      Can’t you idiots come up with something original because your sounding a lot like the libtards that keep voting for them morons here.

  5. Is it the great healthcare plan of Obama’s that you had to pass so you could fine out what’s in it Nancy? The one that not a single Republican voted for? The one that was going to drop our cost by $2500 a year, that caused me to be without insurance at the age of 63 because I can’t afford it? Some one please lock this damn lunatic up.

  6. What more proof does anyone need that Pelosi is an entitled, one percenter, propaganda preaching elitist totally out of touch with the average American’s reality? Pelosi should go “mow the grass” on the border.

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