Illegal Alien Who Cast 5 Votes In 2016 Election Sentenced To 8 Years – Her Lawyers Blame Trump For “Harsh” Jail Term

This right here is proof of America’s severely fractured immigration system.

Rosa Ortega, who by the way is illegal Mexican alien, entered America and then voted in our ELECTION system…5 times.

You heard that right.

Ortega, who registered to vote in the state of Texas and 5-different cities, successfully “illegally” cast her vote in 5-different polling places.

The fact that she had the nerve to do this in the first place was disgraceful…but it isn’t the worst part. According to sources, her license (which she shouldn’t have in the first place because she is, indeed, illegal) had a “non-citizen” marker box checked off, and yet she was still allowed to vote in all five cities.

Once the case went public those in charge of the state’s elective process all closed ranks behind one another in condemning Ortega who was sentenced to 8-years in prison. (How nice….)

However, her attorney lamented her sentence was “harsh” and when she’s through serving her sentence, she will be deported back to Mexico.

Good…get gone.

However it makes you wonder how many others got away with the very same thing. The system is incredibly flawed. It’s time to pick up the pieces.

This 25-second video clip on Fox News chronicles an issue that the mainstream media, along with those progressive politicians in Washington attempt to ignore that America is in disrepair at our borders and now perhaps in our voting booths, in that how many other Ortega’s are out there taking advantage of our broken and fractured immigration system?

There were approximately 11.1 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. in 2014, accounting for 3.5% of the nation’s population. Imagine for a moment if just 10% of those illegal aliens fraudulently voted, you’d have just over 1-million illegal ballots cast within a presidential election.


Perhaps the real reason our progressive friends in Congress refuse to acknowledge voter fraud- It is the only thing that benefits them at the voting booth.

76 Comments on Illegal Alien Who Cast 5 Votes In 2016 Election Sentenced To 8 Years – Her Lawyers Blame Trump For “Harsh” Jail Term

  1. Let me see…she INTENTIONALLY went out of her way & drove to 5 different places to vote & she didn’t KNOW what she was doing?

    She KNOWS she is here illegally & is still here, right? I guess that she will claim she doesn’t know HOW she got here as well?

    NOT FAIR? If you or I did this in Mexico, they’d have us in jail as soon as they found out we were in their country illegally.

    I am amazed at the lies these people tell & yet they are amazingly smart when it comes to scamming the govt for FREE housing, food stamps, education, healthcare, & everything else they get for free!

    NO ONE in the USA wants to take responsibility for ANY of their actions. It’s pretty sad that we have sunk this far as a country!

    No I am not a racist, I am Hispanic, & my ancestors came here legally. So did the families of many other Hispanics, so why can’t everyone else do it legally?

    • I couldn’t possibly agree with you more. If all immigrants did everything legally, there wouldn’t be a problem. America is a country of immigrants, as long as they obide by the laws, immigrants are welcome with open arms. But if someone comes to America, and breaks our laws, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and then deport their lying ass.

      • America is NOT a country of immigrants! 90% of population was born here! You cannot say you are a carpenter just because your grandfather was one!

        • Absolutely Correct! You are the first person that I have heard or read besides myself ;))) to make this point clearly. I consider myself just as much a native American as any red faced indian. Their parents came across the ice bridge of the Bering Sea, while my parents came across the Atlantic Ocean. So as far as I am concerned I am just as much a native American as any other person born on USA soil.

        • Being here illegally doesn’t make them an immigrant, it makes them a criminal. My maternal and paternal grandparents waited years to come here LEGALLY. Even Native American Indians migrated from somewhere else. We are Americans whose ancestors immigrated here.

        • I agree with this statement completely. My mother was an immigrant. She worked to become a citizen. I am a citizen because I was born here. I am thankful everyday that My Mother did what she did to be able to live here. So I can live in the best place in the world.

        • I am not an immigrant. All branches of my family tree that originated in England, Ireland, Scotland and France were residents of North America long before there was a country known as the United States of America. I have thus far identified 12 multi great grandfathers who fought for this country in the American Revolution. I am certainly NOT an immigrant in the USA.

    • Exactly! These illegal people in U.S. think they are entitled to everything! Then when caught, they lie! Look where she was caught at, Texas! Texans don’t mess around with those not following the laws of our country.

    • The Fox news video says she voted 5 times OVER THE LAST DECADE. American Journal Review is being dishonest and it explains her comment although still not making it ok.

      • Now think about this… Last decade is 10 years… Right?? So that would be the 2 terms of Obama and this last election… And she had to know it was wrong… or why did she vote 5 times… 5 different locations?? Does she think we honest American Citizens who only vote once per election are idiots??

          • Then explain communities that have 100-105% voters registration. My take from the article was she voted five times in one election. Even if she voted in five different elections, that is still five votes too many.

          • Vote 2008, 2012, 2016 That still leaves 2 illegal votes. AND not being a citizen makes her votes illegal’

        • In the title it says she voted 5 TIMES IN THE 2016 ELECTION. Fox news changed it to 5 TIMES IN THE LAST DECADE. Wake up people. The media is run by liberals!

    • Genie, very well said, I couldn’t have expressed my frustration with such arrogance any better than you did. It’s just too bad we have to house and feed her for 8 years. If there is any way she could have been deported and guaranteed never to be able to return to the USA, I would have been happy with that. The problem, of course, is that once deported illegals turn right back around and re-enter the US illegally again, and again.
      I am not a racist, although my heritage has only a little Spanish blood in the mix, knowing right from wrong and practicing “right” does not make a person a racist.

    • Very well said Genie! It is a true shame in this country when people like myself and others are against illegals coming across our borders while people like you worked damn hard to become a legal citizen of this country and I for one am very proud of your accomplishments in doing so. But because I am against the illegal Mexicans being here and all other illegal nationalities, the liberals call me racist of which is a bunch of crud. I am not racist, I am a patriot who is concerned about what is going on at the borders. You Genie have respect for this nation, and it is a fact that the illegals do not for respect is something that is earned, not given.

    • Local and Federal politicians have taught these folks how to scam and written them a hall pass to do whatever they want. The system is definitely broken (and the laws need to fixed) in a place where she can vote five times.

    • Kind of deceiving. It wasn’t 5 times in one election, it was 5 times over the course of several years, and elections. Not fake news, but almost clik bait.

    • This lawyer she had is pretty stupid in his remark that it was trumps fault she got such a harsh bit of punishment, it was not harsh enough, and besides Trump was not in office yet when she voted. He also can not do anything during her trial anyway this lawyer needs to go to a5and dime and get a pittance of a Brain!

      • Isn’t that the dem way? Before it was BUSH’S fault so now they’ll blame Trump. LMAO. If dems had half a brain they’d be dangerous.

    • I think if I were to go to another country illegally I would atleast obey the laws their if I wanted to stay.
      The people that take from our society don’t respect it and think well when the parties over I’ll just go back where I came from.

    • I agree. If an american went to Mexico illegally and voted, our ass would be in their jail in less than a heartbeat. But they get away with FUCKING the American Government out of any service offered and leave shit for the REAL AMERICANS who need those services and don’t get them. It is completely fair, ACTUALLY SHE SHOULD GET THE ROPE!!!!! Being here ILLEGALLY, VOTING 5X ILLEGALLY, AND DEFRAUDING THE GOVERNMENT OF SERVICES SHE DIDN’T EVEN PAY TAXES TO GET. HANG THE PARASITE AND THE REST LIKE HER!!!! Why use taxpayer money to let them live in out prisons? Just another way she screws Americans.

    • thank you genie. another american stood up. we dont care where you come from, we dont care who you are, but we do care that you are one of us. we are americans, and the right to vote is american,

    • If you go to Mexico and stay illegally, you get 8 years in Prison. I knew a kid in the Military that went AWOL and went to Mexico and they caught him after 4 weeks and his trial lasted maybe 10 minutes and he went to prison.

  2. I hope by 2020 election, this problem will be solved. At least some illegals will be gone thanks to President Trump.

    • LOL. He tried to appoint someone to his cabinet that used an undocumented work. You think he really cares for you for more than getting you vote?

      • VO. what planet do you live on? It is very hard to hire people who are not undocumented if you live in the PSW. I was in an accident and this woman gave me required docs. CA DL. Car registration and proof of insurance. All bogus. As for undocumented worker, in the past many who tried to be confirmed to all sorts of jobs in DC were eliminated because they had illegal nannies, etc. Anyone except HIllary would care more for me than Obama.

  3. I’m glad she was caught by if she is illegal, why are we paying for her to be put in prison? Deport her ass and let her government incarcerate her. Why do the taxpayers always have to pay the bill on these illegals?

    • Deportation doesn’t work, and won’t work until President Trump gets that wall built. You can deport these people on Monday and they’ll be back in the US by Thursday. ICE is doing a good job but they’re re-arresting some of the same illegals. The only way to get a grip on this is to arrest them and put them in FEMA camps or GITMO until they get a handle on this.

  4. You wonder how many more did this? As a third party supporter liking neither main party here’s what my research found. …. in the voter fraud investigation done be Stein (third parties) they found in many places that Clinton had up to 6 votes per voter that came in. If you want to know why she got the popular vote but not the electoral, that’s why. They used key logged votes rather than popular. It’s more accurate. … I’d you what to debate me on this, start by telling me why Clinton claimed voter fraud but then got a court order demanding no investigation be done. If she was in the right, wouldn’t she demand an investigation and recount?

  5. Rocco. The reason they are paying for it is because right now showing force to stop voter fraud is a higher priority. They want to use her as an example. The better question is why does one party want to investigate and Crack down on it, but the party that is saying they were the victims of it don’t want anyone looking into it, nor did they look into it when they were in power.?

  6. In Chicago CBS2 had a news report before the election on how many registered “voters” voted in past elections after they died. Chicago and the larger cities can get the electoral college to the Dems every time. Add the criminal illegal votes and 3 million does not seem like a stretch at all.

  7. Why not just deport her and put her on travel ban/watch list for next 10 years? If she goes to jail here in states, her stay is being funded by U.S. tax dollars.

  8. If you came here illegally you have no right to vite in our elections. You have no right to anything we have but for some reason our government keeps turning their heads and letting it happen constantly. And the American people are fed up with it. If we went to Mexico we would not get this wonderful treatment. I think the punishment is not harsh enough. She illegally voted in five different states and is here illegally. That is six crimes. Not to mention all of the freebies she was probably given upon coming here. It should be the American citizens first. We have illegals here living the same way they live in Mexico and they are ruining our waters. I have seen them run pluming from a Mobil home all the way down into our rivers, lakes, and creeks. This is the water that we go fishing in or swimming and the water that we drink. They don’t care about making their life too much better by coming here. They want to destroy what we have and send all of their money back to Mexico to be spent. How does any of that help us?

  9. She had to illegally register in five different precincts which itself is a felony. Then she actually votes in five precincts another five felonies. So she commits 10 felonies and complains because she got 8 years???????

    When illegals commit felonies they should be held in a facility similar to Gitmo. When their sentence is up they are deported. If they re-enter the US they should be charged and forced to serve 5 years in the same facility.and Deported a second time. Re-enter the US again and get caught it is a 20 year sentence in the same facility and deported.

  10. It’s pretty sad that because of Obama and the leftist liberals, our voting system has become broken and no longer trusted. What are we supposed to do to fix this, how can we vote now and not have what ever system we put into play jeopardized. Things are getting very bad for this nation! The democrats fall right in line with the radical muslims for they would rather cut off their own noses to spite their faces!

  11. really 8 yrs? damn deport her ass now and save the taxpayer’s money to be spent on more important things like the infrastructure.

  12. Don’t come here illegally and break our laws and then complain about the law being unfair idiot! If you don’t like our laws then don’t come here in the first place!

  13. And all this time I thought that stuffing ballot was something that high kids do to get their favorite buds for homecoming kind and queen or class president. This is exactly the mentality but at a much higher level, but with consequences. Though dems applaud her for voting for their favorite girl, they lost not just a vote was here illegally, but one who blames others for doing the obvious. I’m glad we have a pres who will put people in jail for coming here illegally and those who knowingly defraud our electoral system. I wonder if she’ll get a hold of some Russian lawyer for further help.

  14. A failed system corrupted by liberal career politicians who are solely dependent upon the dysfunctional underclass which includes illegal immigrants. Lobbyists have bribed these same politicians to turn the other cheek by ignoring enforcement of not only immigration law, but established rule of law. The Federal Government, Sanctuary States and Cities have refused to implement programs and policies that would deter voter fraud by simply requesting proof of citizenship, verified through the Federal Government by ways of a “Federally issued voter identification card with a picture ID”. Now the politically correct crowd will lead us to believe that by asking for a picture ID this is somehow violating individual rights. What we as a nation must remember is that “Illegal Immigrants” is just that; Criminals who have openly violated the rule of law therefore, they have no rights as an American citizen to vote in our national elections. However, appointments made to the justice system of liberal judges has guaranteed favoritism toward illegal aliens resulting in pragmatic voter fraud and mocking the rule of law which no agency is willing to enforce. As a nation we are expected to show picture ID for operating a motor vehicle, opening bank accounts, medical treatment, employment etc, and the list is endless and yet voter ID is prejudicial in our national election? The first thing which must happen is to demand term limits for our Congressional Representatives. They are concreted in our political system so deeply, that everything remains the same as decades ago. New faces bring new ideas and progress lifting us out of the abyss which is strangling the safety and welfare of our nation and preventing the people true representation. We must challenge President Trump’s administration and our duly elected Congressmen to rectify this ongoing problem. Until than we are only being manipulated by the minority who is determined to return to authoritarian power and continue in the dismantling of our nation.

    • what really gets me is that illegals can get bank accounts etc. and never have to show any identification..I am an american born and raised and i am asked for 3 kinds of identification for the same account…

  15. When are they going to start an investigation into whether Mexico attempted to change the outcome of our elections?

  16. Gee, an illegal alien who shouldn’t have been able to vote at all, voted 8 times. Gets caught. Then is used as a singular example and bitch slapped for voter fraud. Ever heard of “don’t do the time if you can’t do the crime” you dumb twit? Sheesh.

    When they do the investigation, I hope they start to do MASS prosecutions of people. But instead of imprisoning people by the bucket load. Fining the living shit out of them. And if they’re illegal aliens, giving them the boot too. If they’re part of the political campaign program, then they get a felony, prison, etc. on top of the fine.

    All sorts of fun like that. Whaddya say? ô.o

  17. “Far-right websites have seized on Ms. Ortega’s conviction as proof that Mr. Trump is right about rampant fraud and efforts by Democrats to steal the November election.

    There is,however,at least one flaw in that story: Ms. Ortega was a registered Republican.

    “She voted for Mitt Romney over Barack Obama in the 2012 election. In 2014 she voted for our current attorney general, Ken Paxton,” Mr. Birdsall said. “And guess what? He’s the one responsible for prosecuting her.”

  18. Make it legal to place a tracking chip deep in them so that if they come back into USA it will go off and we can find them fast.

  19. “Harsh” jail term??? No, it’s logical consequences for violating Rule of Law repeatedly. She’s no victim; she’s had years to learn our laws. And BTW is anyone else getting sick of seeing the same “11 to 12 million” illegal alien estimate? Those numbers have been used for 20 years, which would mean the illegals coming in (like the “children” surges) would have to equal illegals leaving. Yeah, right!

  20. Unfortunately, Trump is blamed for the mess of former presidents who did not pay attention to the matter of illegals voting in an election for obvious reasons. There is a law that governs our election system and lawyers who blame Trump for applying the law to illegals are simply stupid and idiots. They should have never been lawyers in the first place.

  21. Let me get this right …this woman broke the law not once, but 5 times by voting illegally and she has finally been caught and has to pay for breaking the law 5Times by going to jail. YES as should be and she says this is all TRUMP’S FAULT???
    Who assisted her to learn how to do this? Perhaps that mentor could share the term with her! Just saying!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. Error in the article – she was not an illegal alien. She was a legal green card holder and was here legally. However she still is not allowed to vote and because she was busted for it, she loses her green card and her legal status and will be deported. I really wish that all of the conservative reporters would at least try to get the stories right or quit embellishing them. The truth works just fine.

  23. what really gets me is that illegals can get bank accounts etc. and never have to show any identification..I am an american born and raised and i am asked for 3 kinds of identification for the same account…

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