U.S. Attorney Comes Forward, Ends Bob Mueller’s Witch Hunt Once And For All

Bob Mueller’s Witch hunt has been going on and on for way too long but it looks like it might be finally coming to an end.

The Comey memos that were released to the media and were a catalyst to aid Robert Mueller were used a lot more than what was told. News sources believe that former U.S. Attorney and special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald to be the recipients with professor Daniel Richman who leaked to the media.

Joe diGenova former federal prosecutor just put a big red stop sign up. Comey and Mueller can now see things in the right perspective, and its not looking good for them. Its time they stop getting away with their corrupt little schemes.

Reported by subjectpolitics:

This whole thing stinks to high heaven and with Rudy Guiliani taking over we can expect a quick end to this whole sordid affair.

At least according to Joe diGenova because as he explained on Hannity last night – if the top cop is dirty the whole investigation will sink.

From Fox News:

Joe diGenova said fired FBI Director James Comey is a “dirty cop” who conspired to “illegally exonerate Hillary Clinton.”

“The dirty cop is in deep trouble,” diGenova, who served as U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, said.

DiGenova said Comey “engaged in a conspiracy to illegally exonerate Hillary Clinton and then frame Donald Trump and Trump associates with crimes.”

“[Comey] illegally disclosed classified information to people who were unauthorized to receive it,” he said, referring to news that the former FBI director’s memos were shared out more widely than previously thought.

DiGenova said Comey’s memos purporting to detail his meetings with President Donald Trump and otherwise are “a rather lengthy suicide note.”

Correct. This thing has gone on long enough and it is time to put an end to it once and for all.

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  1. Mueller and Comey both think they’re above the law. Under the watchful eye of OBama, they were allowed to go out of bounds to satisfy their thirst for power and he gave them the leeway to bend the law and even break it, which gave them this selfish power trip that no one ever questioned, because that was the way OBama did things. We, the citizens of this country are sick and tired of everyone knowing the crimes that are being committed and no consequences for any of it. Oh, I forgot, Lisa Page and her honey were demoted, but still have access to all government information.

    • “Ends Mueller’s investigation”!

      How many times have we heard this crap!

      You would think some one would call this

      F A K E N E W S.

      What the hell is wrong with you goof balls!

      Report the true news or go away!

      • Turns out that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

        Keep reading others post. We’re sick and tired of this BULLSHIT TYPE OF REPORTING!



  2. I’m tired of the whole political fiasco . They are wasting precious time And the taxpayers money . This should have taken less than a year to complete. Hillary should’ve been busted a year ago!

    • That’s the problem. So many involved. Lots of powerful people. One goes down means many more may follow. Their not going to let that happen!

    • Most of these titles are designed to get our attention and persuade us to read the post. Doesn’t seem to matter that the title and the piece are often unrelated. In this one I didn’t see anything that would end Mueller’s witch hunt.

  3. No one in this country is above the law even the president. I have been saying it since Hillary opened her mouth about the support she was getting at her rallies before the election and I could see how wrong she was but, to lie to the people who have the ability to see through her lies when she speaks. We have had nothing but lies for years apon years with Clinton’s and nobomas. How do you know they are lying their lips are moving

  4. Someone must pay for this crime against the law abiding people and the attempt to shred the constitution and destroy the country.When I say somebody that includes many involved in this crime of the century. This is serious and must never happen again.We still don’t know the extent of damage to this country that can be attributed to this scheme for power.The penalty must be severe enough to deter another or similar attempt or betrayal of elected or appointed officials of government.

  5. The Most Corrupt Administration in American Political History still Resisting,Obstructing,Equal Justice under the Law is why Lady Justice is blindfolded. RICO Charges for all of them who participated in the Cover up and Subversion.

  6. i believe that if the FBI has nothing to hide then why are they so afraid to follow the law and turn over the material that has been requested then if not then call a special investigator and use the ample evidence you have and arrest them all.They will never turn anything over that will remove all or any doubt but I believe what we do know can be proved and I’m sure a jury would convict them.Im not a lawyer but people have been convicted on much less evidence then we already have now.Fran

  7. How could Rosenstein appoint Mueller to special counsel the day after he interviewed for the FBI director job which he did not get.

  8. Fine for Mr. DiGenova to opine but who is going to indict them. We’ve known this information for awhile. We cannot trust Rosenstien or Session. We need someone to bring indictment already.

  9. Then let’s see it in papers that the witch hunt is over. All we need is the proof in documents that it is over, crystal clear, breaking news that it’s finally ended.

  10. This is beyond belief, evil corrupt Criminal’s like Comey and Mueller, sell out law and order and get paid to do it!
    Justice under the law has turned into a joke, the real criminals are on a witch hunt, using the American People’s money. The FBI, CIA and the DOJ can not be trusted!

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