‘They Defrauded Taxpayers of at Least $6 Billion’: Sessions Opens Investigation Into Obama, Holder, Lynch’s Laundering Scheme

Elder Patriot – Attorney General Jeff Sessions has finally announced an investigation into the use of federal money to fund radical leftwing advocacy groups.  In making the announcement Sessions cited that at least six billion dollars was funneled into what was essentially a slush fund for Obama’s army of street activists.  It’s almost a certainty that that amount is going grow significantly.

The groups receiving the money included La Raza (now UnidosUS), NeighborWorks America, National Community Reinvestment Coalition, Operation Hope, Black Lives Matter, and a spin-off of Acorn The Mutual Housing Association of New York, among numerous other extremist groups.

The scheme called for Obama’s Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch to direct lawsuit settlements, including punitive settlements, to thirty parties who were not part of the DOJ’s legal action. 

The punitive damages should have legally gone directly to the U.S. Treasury for the benefit of taxpayers.  Instead, Citigroup and Bank of America were among a number of large U.S. corporations that were shaken down in this manner to fund these anti-American radical protestors that gave Obama cover as a moderate as he moved us closer to his vision of a Marxist-open borders utopia.

Sessions took steps to stop the illegal transfer of taxpayer money last June and is now preparing to conduct criminal prosecutions of those involved.  At that time Sessions said:

“Settlement funds should go first to the victims and then to the American people — not to ... the political friends of whoever is in power.”

We first reported that Obama had been shaking down corporate America – in the fashion of third world dictatorships – more than a year ago.

At that time we had also reported that the Department of Health and Human Services had defrauded investors in both the Federal National Mortgage Association and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation of $187.5 Billion in a scheme that diverted the profits they were expecting and instead were used to delay the bankruptcy of Obamacare until he had left office.

Last March we wrote:

This should be the major news story of the week but the mainstream media will again abandon all pretense of objectivity and instead direct our attention to Jeff Sessions meeting with a Russian ambassador.

Soon investigators under Sessions’ direction at the D.O.J. will be dropping the hammer on the largest RICO operation ever conceived – virtually the entire United States government.  It will be beyond awesome to watch these lying, phony, corruptors being brought to justice by the most mild-mannered man who walks among them.

Patriots will have the last laugh but it’ll have to wait until the indictments are handed down.  For the meantime expect the character assassinations to continue against President Trump’s closest advisors.  It’s all these swamp dwellers have left.

This morning we can say that it is finally happening.

We have been under constant attack by the mainstream media, and the titans of social media for spreading fake news.  It’s only fake new until it becomes real news. 

There’s a reason that Facebook is silencing websites like our.

Counting on the bought and paid for mainstream media to protect you from an out-of-control government is a fool’s errand.

40 Comments on ‘They Defrauded Taxpayers of at Least $6 Billion’: Sessions Opens Investigation Into Obama, Holder, Lynch’s Laundering Scheme

  1. I personally think that Mueller and sessions are doing the comet dance and they need to go. We need real prosecutors in there like laymen which I believe will be tough enough to take PEOPLE down and place them under arrest that aren’t in the mix

  2. It’s about time these investigations are Finally being started!!!! How can We have Law & Order in this Country, When Criminals like obama, hillary, holder, mccain, lynch, comey, mueller and the Rest of the DemonRat Cabal walk Free while Average Americans Would be Serving Long Prison Sentences!!!!!

    • I agree with Ruger1 about the criminals listed in his statement what can the citizens of the USA due to bring them to justice

  3. “…It’s almost a certainty that that amount is going grow significantly.” What’s wrong with this sentence found in the very first paragraph of this article? “…For the meantime…”? Replace “For” with “In” or substitute that with “For now.” You’re welcome!

  4. I’d like to advance a theory that I’ve been evolving in response to much of the criticism of Jeff Sessions, which has been coming from the right lately. I too have been extremely critical of the Attorney General in the past, speculating even as to his motives and integrity. Finding myself unable to comprehend, or construct any credible explanation and frustrated by so much obvious and blatant criminality going unchallenged, I found myself swinging wildly into conspiracy in search of a suitable explanation.

    I am lately of a different opinion and have come to believe I was wrong. My own fears, frustrations and ignorance of the proper workings of the law and the even larger world of government bureaucracy had allowed me to conjure a totally unfounded and cynical interpretation of reality. As it now appears and for whatever it may be worth coming from such an unreliable source such as myself, Attorney General Sessions appears to have positioned himself with regards to the issue of governmental misconduct exactly as he should, which is to say professionally, impersonally, and largely unseen. His is a posture of impartial, legal integrity and rigid professionalism and all of it assumed quite by design, informed by his own character, knowledge of the law and experience in public life.

    Allow me to elaborate on my new understanding. As Attorney General, Mr. Sessions is directing the law in response to events, which are outside of his direct control. As events unfold in the due course of discovery and disclosure, which necessarily translates into a timely and measured approach, all things will then follow within the fullness of the law. His was a correct appraisal from the very first, an astute, seasoned and mature judgment and most importantly perhaps, from a political perspective the correct strategy.

    Just imagine the partisan, Congressional uproar amplified ad naseum by the establishment media, if either the President, or the Attorney General had attempted under the independent authority of their own offices to clean out these Augustan stables of executive privilege and criminal over reach. Actually, there is hardly any need to imagine anything as we can plainly see it currently playing out daily and all around us. The crucial difference is that now, with this proper, strategic and quite unassailable procedural and legalistic approach, political criticism doesn’t resonate outside of Democratic, partisan circles no matter how much histrionic hyperbole, hysterical rant and rave, or delusional declarations may be cast about.

    Precisely because of AG Session’s strict insistence on closely following prescribed, procedural law as opposed to placing himself in a more direct role of wheeling the law, which would allow for the predictable response allowing the opposition the opportunity of characterizing whatever legal action to emerge as a political tactic in pursuit of political objectives. Now, that response has been largely removed from any serious discussion, or consideration. Nonetheless, Democrats and their media continue to focus on discrediting various individuals and public officials to include: the President, AG Sessions and chairman Nunes. I suppose that much was always a given.

    That’s straight out of the Democratic Party’s play book, “The politics of Personal Destruction.” Of course, they will continue to make claims that these charges of wrong doing are really just political, just a device for the furtherance of the President’s Republican-Populist, political agenda. The main stream media is daily inundated with such sophomoric declarations, intimate suggestions and blatant accusations, but as Thomas Jefferson once instructed, “Let error of opinion be tolerated where reason is free to combat it.” Free speech is certainly a part of our social contract, but the media’s credibility isn’t.

    Factual reality can always be relied upon to assert itself. Facts, have been noted to be stubborn things and reality is seldom long mocked, or denied. The media’s undermining of factual reality in service to establishment obfuscation of political corruption, constitutional impropriety and, or flagrant criminality continues to find it extremely difficult to pass through such solid obstacles as the lens of public perception. Propaganda masking itself as news, or opinion journalism abounds. It attempts to shape public opinion daily giving cover to politicians and public officials so they can do the bidding of their establishment masters, but it can not be made to stop the even, fair application of law. That would require a “Thumb on the scale” and fortunately, neither Obama, nor Clinton are in the White House.

    Process is now the driving wheel moving the inquiry forward in search of legal resolution and not people with political objectives. No one can claim otherwise and therein lies precisely, the Attorney General’s vision of how the law should work. The law applied with objectivity and fastidious attention to process yields unerring, dependable results. It may be a tedious, labor intensive and expensive process sure certain to try both patience and the checkbook, but it will unfailingly result in the exposure of unassailable truth. It will then follow as unavoidable that juries and officers of the court along with other legal authorities will administer justice as found by and prescribed under law.

    Those in the upper, management echelons of the FBI and DOJ and throughout the Obama Administration who have misused their authority to pursue political objectives can not be very comfortable as they watch the various, alternative avenues to escape routes such as legal loopholes, political allies in government and public opinion slamming shut like steel traps on their past deeds of malfeasance, duplicity and criminality.

    • Marty Lopez, I have seen Media, read newspapers, magazines, et…, but NO ONE has hit the Nail, as squarely on the Head, as you. Thank You for your own observations, on a subject that has been in the News Media, for too many years, and said the things I have believed to have come out of my head, but could Never could have said them so eloquently. My Hat is off to you, and Thank You for saying the things I Believe, But Could Never have said in such a way, as You. thanks again, Oliver Roberts….

    • I have read quite a few articles and comments over the years and I have to say that what you wrote is so well put together and spot on. Well said and done.

    • I, too, have been guilty of criticizing Sessions out of impatience. Can have some solace in the fact that I have held a caveat – that he has been working investigations to get it right. Being wrong in this case is a blessing!

    • What a well thought-out and nicely articulated position paper, Marty. I have also had my doubts about Sessions but have come to a similar conclusion that he is moving forward deliberately and legally to make certain all the facts are gathered and any prosecution will not be tainted by any breach of due process. Unlike the Dems and Deep Staters, he is not leaking his activities to the media. That’s why we found out about the Clinton Foundation being under investigation after several months of work by the Arkansas office of the FBI and the judge in Utah investigating other matters since last November. I was a lobbyist in DC for thirty years and a part of the establishment because that was the only game in town then. The Trump “Revolution” has the establishment reeling now and it is a “beautiful” sight to see. I wish that none of this was going on, but the transgressions by the Obama Administration are more pervasive than ever before and need to be disclosed and prosecuted to deter further attempts by office holders of the future. We must remember this started in 1992 when Hillary used the FBI to dig up dirt on the people employed by the White House travel office. They were patronage employees – all that needed to be done was to say “Thank you for your service, but we are going to replace you with some of our friends.” That would have been it because patronage employees know they are employed at the will of the party in power. Good job, Marty – I believe you have an accurate grasp of the situation.

    • You are EXACTLY correct. And POTUS is playing the msm by tweeting his {fake} impatience with Sessions. It’s just his way of letting us know that he is aware of everything, and that things will happen in due time. The day I see Obama in an orange jumpsuit will be one of the happiest days of my life, and in the lives of ALL Americans.

    • Marty Lopez, yours is much more eloquent and complete. Here is the short version.
      “A wise hunter does not announce his presence to his prey, nor does he step in the trap of other hunters.”

  5. Thank you for clearing up misconceptions I had about the lack of pursuing the obvious corruption in our government than I have ever seen during my lifetime.

  6. Erudite AND eloquent! Exceptionally well reasoned & stated. A completely plausible and theoretically possible explanation for Sessions’ seeming lack of gravitas.

    …But then again, he might just be concerned about his own potential for suddenly mysteriously becoming terminally depressed & despondent about life… Or, about his potential for becoming another Arkancide statistic.

  7. Even if Obama, Holder and Lynch have covered their crimes so well Sessions can’t uncover them, we all should know they are guilty and should be jailed. Hard to jail an ex President I know and I know they haven’t any guilt as they hate America so much, they rationalize their Crimes.

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