Congressman Humiliates Citibank, DEMANDS They ‘Terminate’ Their Contract Because of ‘Their Anti-2A Policies’

After the tragic mass shooting at the Parkland, Florida High School, Citibank has decided to place gun restrictions on their clients. 

Citibank has become the first major lender to make such a move when it comes to gun restrictions. Citi will make it a rule that all its clients may only sell firearms to individuals who have passed a background check, they must be over the age of 21, and will no longer sell bump stocks and high-capacity magazines.

Citi has really made some drastic moves after the Florida shooting, and Dick’s Sporting Goods also decided to follow in their footsteps.

Their goal is to keep firearms from getting into the wrong hands. Lets see if their plan really works, or if it just keeps the good guys from protecting themselves against the bad guys. 

Reported by ijr:

Their decision came just two days before the March for Our Lives event, where hundreds of thousands of people came together and marched for increased gun control following the tragic Parkland shooting.

Well now, one congressman is responding.

On Thursday, Rep. Todd Rokita (R-Ind.) penned a letter to “terminate Citibank’s contract because of their anti-Second Amendment policies.” Rokita led the writing of the letter, which received 15 congressional cosigners.

“Citibank’s new guidelines penalizes clients who do not align their sales policies to match the lender’s restrictive new commercial firearms policy,” the letter said. “These restrictions run counter to laws and regulations passed by Congress, and they infringe and discriminate against an individual’s Second Amendment rights.”

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