Violent Somali Rapist Told Teen Victim She Couldn’t Be a Virgin ‘Because She’s White’

Clear case of violent racism is omitted from criminal charges after Ahmed Abdoule sentencing.

Ahmed Abdoule is a Somali national who was recently convicted of a heinous crime. Abdoule used a shard piece of wood to keep a young girl hostage while he raped her proclaiming that she was no virgin for the simple fact that she was a white girl. That couldn’t be a more perfect example of an act of racism and yet no mention was made or included in the sentencing. If it had been the sentence would have been heavier which is what was deserved so why give him the break? What is wrong with the justice systems in this world?

Via Breitbart:

A Somali national has been jailed after he held a sharp piece of wood to a teenage girl’s throat as he raped her.

Ahmed Abdoule

Ahmed Abdoule said the girl could not be a virgin “because she was white”, and told her “my country would love you” following the attack, was given an 11-year sentence at Hull Crown Court the Hull Daily Mail reports.

Reports have not indicated how long Abdoule will actually spend in prison and the court has not responded to a request for information, but if the sentence follows the standard formula he will likely be released after roughly 5 years.

Despite his racial contempt for the victim, the Abdoule’s crime does not appear to have been treated as racially aggravated, which could have meant a tougher sentence.

Any time a white on black crime is committed news media outlets can’t get enough but when the roles are reversed nothing but silence follows and that is the true show of racism.

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