Former Army Colonel’s Video Going Viral After Testy Confrontation With Immigration Activist

A video from a former army Colonel is going viral after a spicy confrontation with an immigration activist.

One of the best things in the word to see is a retired Army Colonel take down an immigration activist with a powerful discussion. Well that is exactly what happened with Colonel Kurt Schlichter and Izac Wright on FOX News when discussing immigration issues.

However, it wasn’t long until Shannon Bream the host of the show lost control of the entire situation. You will surly enjoy watching this video. I know I did!

According to greatamericanrepublic:

As Written and Reported By Cillian Zeal for the Western Journalism:

Former Army Col. Kurt Schlichter is going viral after a testy confrontation with an immigration activist on Fox News Thursday night — one that had the host throwing up her arms in defeat.

Schlichter, now a senior columnist at, has long been critical of illegal immigration and the lax policies that cause it.

Now, he was appearing on “Fox News @Night with Shannon Bream” along with Izac Wright, a Forward Solution Strategy partner. During the interview, he responded to a report that roughly half of the 57,000 federal inmates who were in federal prison were there on charges of smuggling or dealing drugs.

“Well gosh, I thought they were all aspiring valedictorians, Shannon,” he said.

“Some of them are,” Bream responded.

“In federal prison?” Schlichter said.

“Yes Kurt, migrants and other immigrants can be valedictorians,” Wright tried to say before he was cut off.

“Apparently we’ve got to import a bunch of immigrants to do the time that Americans convicts won’t do,” Schlichter cracked.

“Look, I am tired of this whole thing being treated as some imposition by American citizens when they demand to choose and pick who comes into their country. This is a democracy. This country belongs to us. And these people disrespect us by coming here illegally, by disrespecting our laws, by breaking them, by coming here and committing crimes.

“Now, I’m not anti-immigrant. In fact, my beautiful immigrant wife is in the next room over,” Schlichter continued.

“Came here legally with her family, built a wonderful life. Immigrants are an important part of American culture. But the big lie — the big lie we keep on being fed — is that every immigrant is wonderful. They’re not all wonderful. There are crimes being committed, and the people paying the price are American citizens — whether through taxes or victimization.”

Perhaps the best part came after Wright decided to say that people of faith had to decide whether they wanted to support the Republicans or follow their religion.

“Are you Jesus-splaining immigration to me, Izac?” Schlichter responded.

And, in fact, things got so heated that you even saw Breem do this:

Well, this is what happens when you go up against a colonel. Better luck next time, Izac Wright.

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