WE ARE UNDER ATTACK: Watch Horrifying Moment Bomb Exploded in Manhattan Last Night

One of America’s oldest and greatest cities was hit by a devastating terror attack today. New York City, as if it had not suffered enough as is, was rocked by a massive explosion in Downtown Manhattan.

***29 people were injured to varying degrees, however luckily none of them are expected to die from their wounds.

A CCTV camera captured the moment of the Explosion, and it is just as bad as you think.

Warning: This is not appropriate for young children…

The terrorist who did this, now being called a Serial Bomber because of nearly 10 bombs placed in the Tri-State area today, is still on the loose.

He had placed and detonated several during a 5k fun run to help injured Marine vets just hours before the Manhattan attack. Luckily, no one was injured during the first explosion.

Manhattan however is on total lockdown, despite Mayor Bill deBlasio refusing to call it a terror attack and saying their is no credible threat. (H/T – RT)

If the threat’s not Credible, Bill, the how do you explain this?

The political elites are trying to cover this up and treat it like another political issue. It is not a political issue!

This is an American issue. This is an issue of safety and freedom. We need to be ready fight back. Just look at those tragic videos again and try telling me ISIS is the “JV Team” of terrorism again, Obama…


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