Miss Behar ‘Feels Sorry’ for Melania Because ‘She Had to Sleep’ With Donald Trump at Least Once

Joy Behar has said it before on the The View, she is obsessed with President Trump and his sex life.

The woman keeps reiterating that she feels sorry for Melania because she had to sleep with Donald at least once.

She is not kind in any way.  

She even said this again to Seth Meyers on his show.

Evidently Baher has been to a Trump wedding and he’s been on The View… but there’s no love lost between them.

They seem to hate each other… but then, who doesn’t dislike Joy Behar?

Seriously, the lady is evil and biased, and I wouldn’t let her around children much less the President of the United States.

According to ijr,

Donald Trump and Joy Behar have a complicated relationship, as she told late-night host Seth Meyers recently. She’s been to one of his weddings and he’s been on “The View” a few times — but that doesn’t mean they like each other.

In fact, it seems to be quite the opposite.

The two go at it like cats and dogs on a near daily basis. Behar is quick to make fun of Trump and criticize him on “The View” with her fellow hosts, while he uses his Twitter to hurl insults back once in a while.

Speaking of First Lady Melania in that late-night interview wth Meyers, Behar did not mince words. She told the host that she feels bad for Mrs. Trump because she had to suffer through sleeping with Trump in order to have Barron:

“I feel sorry for her. She had to sleep with him once. At least once, she did.

And then when she was in New York and we had to pay a million dollars a day to keep her here just because she doesn’t want to sleep with him. We had to pay for that. I didn’t like that.”

Watch the video to hear Behar explain the back-and-forth of her relationship with the president.

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  1. She’s NOTFunny. She’s a big mouthed disgrace to our country. Her remarks just add to the turmoil going on. Why doesn’t she use her so called talent to help her country rather than add to the division of our society. Guess she enjoys being a big mouthed nobody.

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