Ben Carson Just Discovered Who Stole $550 MILLION Of Social Security Funds– And He’s Getting Away With It!

Ben Carson has unearthed Billions of dollars of fraud and waste in Social Security funds and one man, who stole hundreds of millions, is getting away with it!

President Trump’s administration has been hard at work exposing the fraud and waste that went on all through the Obama administration. Ben Carson, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development has uncovered billions in fraud and waste since he stepped up into the position. But one man who stole $550 million dollars in Social Security funds is getting away with it! And this is how…

From American Conservative Herald:

“Eric Conn, who made a name for himself promising to get his Floyd County, Ky., clients the best disability and social security payments, pleaded guilty March 24 to defrauding the Social Security Administration of $550 million. He was released on bond to await sentencing July 14, according to the Department of Justice.

“Conn’s ‘whereabouts are currently unknown’ according to David Habich, general counsel for FBI’s Louisville, Ky., office, The Washington Post reports.

“Employees at Conn’s office told the FBI the fugitive may have fled to Cuba, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader.”


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Someone better find this man and lock him up then make him put every penny back. That was the retiree’s money, not his. All have worked hard for that money and SS was taken out of their checks from day one of working and when they get to retirement age to draw SS it better be there for all who put in.

Once a government official is arrested they should sit behind bars until sentenced. Let’s use this as an example and not do it again! No more Amnesty, Deal, or Pardons!

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  1. why the hell would they let him out of jail with all our money? He paid bail with our money, now he is living on our money!

  2. Social Security is “We The People’s” money who worked hard for 40-50 years to draw it. It needs to be put back into Social Security and give us raises. We haven’t received raises for 4 years. This is stolen money and criminal. This man and Obama both need to pull time in prison.

  3. Well ain’t that some shit.He needs to eat peanut butter and canned meat like we have to.Son of a bitch gets away with it.Thank You to our stupid government!!!

  4. Let the Judge that allowed bail serve Conn’s time, since he obviously had the means, money and passport to leave.

  5. I would think that this should have to be approved some where along the line. Another one that has cheated the American worker out of their hard earned money.

  6. Prob okay’d by the same administration that socked away a hundreds of millions for slush fund from punitive damages in big dollar court cases. DOJ?

  7. I get my SS check every month the 3rd Wednesday of the month.i really need it other2ise i would not be able to pay my bills .this economy is the pits . Why cant our government pay every american family who has been here for 25 yrs or more 25000 per year to help us out ?

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