#BlackLivesMatter Attacks a White Reporter: Didn’t Know Cameras Were ON

I am sure Martin Luther King Jr. would just love to watch America and his “so called people” after all that he spent his life working so hard for.

Dr. King’s Beloved Community was not devoid of interpersonal, group or international conflict. Instead he recognized that conflict was an inevitable part of human experience. But he believed that conflicts could be resolved peacefully and adversaries could be reconciled through a mutual, determined commitment to nonviolence. No conflict, he believed, need erupt in violence. And all conflicts in The Beloved Community should end with reconciliation of adversaries cooperating together in a spirit of friendship and goodwill.

But this is exactly the opposite of what is happening.

At the end of the day the true colors of the #BlackLivesMatter terrorists comes out. Especially when they think nobody is watching.

From ihavethetruth,

The single most important thing on the Black Lives Matter agenda is to get the media’s attention, but I’m not sure this is what they had in mind: Every time they speak it’s nothing but racism, inequality, and segregation – No one beleives this group helps this country’s racial divide.

But this time they got caught with their pants down further than normal: A reporter for Fox News was assaulted by the BLM group when he was trying to cover a BLM rally. Unfortunately for them, this was all caught on video.

This is the part that Fake CNN and the radical left doesn’t want to talk about  the people who humiliate, instead of fighting for equality and are just making things worse.

You were born in a country that allows you to do whatever you want and become anything you want. If you keep blaming others for your problems and no do anything to fix them, then nothing will ever happen and you’ll perpetuate the same garbage that’s been happening to you for decades.


The true colors of the BLM terrorists comes out when they think there are no cameras for proof of their intolerance. Things have been flipped so badly since the great Martin Luther King Jr. spent his life fighting for equality. We have come full circle now, to where the black community is segregating itself away from the white community and they have taken on a victim mentality that is causing division and keeping them from moving forward.

They have NO idea why they’re protesting, they couldn’t answer his simple question because they are being morons but they’re very valuable to the cause of division. I’m sick of seeing this HATEFUL RACISTS BLM GROUP they are showing just how uneducated they are and how they are being primed to just cause trouble.

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  1. all the screaming, protesting, name calling will get you nowhere in life..
    Patience, education, jobs will give you the recognition you so dearly want. Calling names and foul language get you nowhere Wake up and find a way to make your way to a successful life.

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