Bombshell: Russian Billionaire Drops Name Behind Funding of Dossier, and it’s One You All Know

The mastermind billionaire is at it again with his dirty little secrets.

The Russian probe debate has been rocked by an earthquake as a Russian billionaire has dropped a massive explosion. We have already come to a conclusion that the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign were the minions behind the funds provided for and putting in place the dossier against Donald Trump. However, we have some more dirt of other possible ties of who was paying for the dossier as well.

The billionaire Oleg Deripaska is now claiming that the continuous investigation has more ties. Deripaska is saying that the ongoing investigations were also funded by billionaire George Soros himself. This is huge! George Soros does whatever he wants to do in the political field, and this is nothing short. The Washington Times is even stating that he has already pledged $18 billion to multiple liberal causes, including a new criminal justice in his own image. Soros is planning on doing this by purchasing DA races around the country as he puts millions of dollars into extreme left Democrats who agree with his bizarre thinking.

According to americanewscentral:

It’s hard to know if what he’s saying is true or if it’s some form of Russian disinformation.

One argument possibly militating for his knowledge is that somehow his connection to Christopher Steele.

Fox acquired text messages between Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) who is the vice chair of the Senate Intel Committee trying to communicate with Steele through Washington attorney Adam Waldman. Mr. Waldman represents Mr. Deripaska.

A great question that has yet to be answered is why would Deripaska seem to be controlling access to Steele? Not to mention why Warner was trying to reach out to him through this means.

Deripaska says that Waldman testified before the Senate Intel Committee that he was told by Fusion employee Daniel Jones that Soros funded Fusion.

From Daily Caller:

He writes, “Yet on March 16, 2017, Daniel Jones — himself a team member of Fusion GPS, self-described former FBI agent and, as we now know from the media, an ex-Feinstein staffer — met with my lawyer, Adam Waldman, and described Fusion as a ‘shadow media organization helping the government,’ funded by a ‘group of Silicon Valley billionaires and George Soros.’ My lawyer testified these facts to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Nov. 3.”

Mr. Deripaska’s column contended that Washington’s Russia narrative is all wrong.

Fusion has not responded to inquiries yet on the question. But the bank records they were fighting to keep private may reveal whether that’s true or not and who else might be involved.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) have asked Democratic Party Leaders for any communications they have had with Jones or Deripaska.

Mr. Deripaska is one of Russia’s better-known oligarchs with close ties to the Kremlin so that always has to be kept in mind when evaluating what he is saying.

But if true, it’s just one more evidence of the highly political nature of the dossier, the effort to do in Trump and Soros, once again having his hands in everything.

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  1. This is just one more reason why Soros and Jeff Bezos MUST be brought in, tried for treason and Hanged!! It’s time to stop mamby pampbying these cancerous leachors!

  2. Being comprehension he has not been branded “Persona Non-Grata” & expelled from the U.S. for his Leftist Socialist Radical insurrection activities against the POTUS.

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