California Senate Votes 28-8 to EXEMPT ITSELF from California Gun Laws

JFA | The California State Senate agrees with Charlie Rangel that they “deserve” to own guns but the citizens do not! Every year they pass more and more gun control laws and NONE of them apply to themselves!

They voted 28-8 to exempt themselves from the gun-control laws that apply to the rest of the California.

You think maybe this will cause Californians to rise up? NOPE! It happened 5 years ago and since then, California has passed a plethora of other gun laws…that only apply to citizens.

The California state Senate agrees with Charlie Rangel that they "deserve' to own guns but the citizens do not!

Yes, you heard me right! The exemption was created in 2011 and the California legislature has passed a number of gun laws since. Pretty easy when you are passing bills that do not apply to you!

It is not the only special privileges California legislators provide themselves!

They do not pay red light camera bills or for gasoline!

How does it all happen so easily in California? The Washington Post explains:

Attempts by a handful of reformers to require politicians to provide a full annual disclosure of the benefits received from the public treasury have been rebuffed. Currently, government officials must file a statement of economic interests revealing income from any source other than a local, state or federal government agency. Gifts worth more than $50 also must be disclosed, but lawmakers rejected a bill that would have prohibited acceptance of concert and sporting event tickets, gift cards, spa treatments, golf outings and other benefits from lobbyists trying to buy votes.

Bills of this nature never meet an honest fate in which roll-call votes put members on the record as favoring or opposing each idea. Instead, reform measures are held in committee to die quietly as legislative deadlines pass. As of last week, it’s effectively impossible for a bill to become law if it hasn’t already passed in at least one of the chambers.

…and it just goes on and on!

The California state Senate agrees with Charlie Rangel that they "deserve' to own guns but the citizens do not!

Red Skelton said so eloquently in his commentary on the Pledge of Allegiance:

And to the Republic — A Republic: a sovereign state in which power is invested into the representatives chosen by the people to govern; and the government is the people; and it’s from the people to the leaders, not from the leaders to the people.

California has it backwards, they are running with the method of “from the leaders to the people.”

That is why I joined the 5 million people who have fled California within the last decade.

You can take me out of Texas in a pine box, and even then I will be kicking and screaming!


30 Comments on California Senate Votes 28-8 to EXEMPT ITSELF from California Gun Laws

  1. I left Ca. Too, specifically San Diego in ’84. And the liberal bull shit like this is why ill Never return…not even to visit.

  2. Me and my family left CA in 1992, moved to Oregon, and rarely go back to visit our relatives we left back in CA. Unfortunately, in the last 25 years we’ve been in Oregon, we’ve seen this state slowly but surely become more of a liberal idiots paradise also. It’s a beautiful state, like California, but it’s run by ugly Commies, none of whom I ever voted for. Now we wonder, is Texas, Arizona or Alaska the last free states we can run too? Praying that Trump can be the catalyst to save the U.S.A.

    • The priblem with Oregon is that it is populated with many ex-Californians like you, of which many have brought with them the same liberal mentality that prompted them to leave California and started implanting it in their newly adopted state and now look, Oregifornia!

      It’s like the illegals from Mexico that come here for a better wsy of life but then want to keep and transplant their former way of life here in the USA. The idiots are so stupid they don’t understand that it’s “that way of life” that caused the problems that prompted them to move in the first place and that maintaining that way if life will only serve to drag their newly adopted “home” down into the same abyss as their former home!

    • You should seriously consider Tennessee if you are looking for a good state to live in. Low cost of living can be found in all four largest cities, no State income tax, lower cost for car tags each year, lots of good local produce in season, friendly folks and personal guns are allowed (legal) with permits. Most folks take permit safety classes. Plus beautiful scenery and many varieties of Sports! Check us out!!

    • go south and east young man!! that old adage of “go west young man” sure dont hold true anymore. they have the politicians running California from the top down and make the people abide by their wants and wishes…until the people wake up and take their state government back away from these elites and mini dictators, the better off they will be. i have a sister that has lived in LA for probably 60 years and she is so complacent with these politicians that they let them do as they please. there is no way i could ever live in that stupid state no matter what kind of job i could get. i will say, seeing what has happened in the recent years, i will give california about 5 years before they start getting to the bankruptcy stage.

      • And then they will want to get nailed out by Washington with tax payers money Max. I wouldn’t spit on any of those criminal politics because it would be such a waste. They don’t deserve anything. When are the people of Calif going to wake up.

    • California lead the way with all their liberal out of the way laws, that’s why you moved out of state. Oregon and Washington followed California, just quietly. Now all three states up the west coast are so liberal and elitist it’s sickening. I lived in Alameda back in the mid 70’s then Seattle till 87. Spokane till 99 then jumped to Idaho. Idaho is a red state all the way.

  3. I was born and raised in CA, I’m anchored by family that I don’t want to live apart from, because I was chased from my home by transplanted brain dead liberals.
    I’m hear to tell you, CA is lost, the liberal lemmings in this state think they are more enlightened than you are, smarter than you are, and know how to lead the way into the progressive future.
    This state could burn to the ground and the GOP could not win here, liberals would rather live among the burned out ruins than admit their ideas a failure. I hate it here, but cannot talk my family into moving out. Other than the liberal idiots, you can’t beat the state for climate and beauty.

  4. My wife and I left California in 1972. No way would we go back. I personally would not go back even to visit my sister who still lives there. Texas, one of the free states left, is my home.

  5. Gotta be a catch, but whether 2nd amend olds up in Ca or or not they still gonna have to pry em outta my cold dead hands! Hate to be so blunt!,

  6. Well, you all that left California are doing the same to the states you flee to. What do you think happens when Califgees move to another State? It is like salt water pushing out the clean fresh water. Soon that clean fresh State is spoiled by the liberal thinking and way life of the Califgees, just like the comment about Oregon.

    • I left Commiefornia in 2001 just days after 9/11. Born and raised in So Cal and most of my family are still there.
      I left Commiefornia because it has been going into the tank for a long time. I did not want to raise our children there!
      I am a conservative die hard 2nd Amendment supporter, so we left for a State that is still a part of America.
      I didn’t bring any tree hugging pot smoking liberal agendas with me, because I don’t have any!

  7. I moved out of California 18 years ago because of the bullshit laws and the cry baby liberals in it . I moved to Oregon and over the years it has turned I have watched the city of Portland turn into a city of California liberals and it’s slowly trickling down South . Where love our Guns and rights of the USA.

  8. I was born and raised in California and I would leave tomorrow if it wasn’t for the fact that at 82 with a bad back I find it an impossibility. California was once a beautiful state with a sound government. Now, after being invaded by every state in the union and every country in the world, California has become a place headed for financial and moral disaster. What a shame.

  9. We left 20 yrs ago. Saw the writing on the wall. Go back once a year to see son, granddaughter and great grands…Stay long enough to remind myself why I left… There is life after Calif. and a damned good one too..

  10. Would like to leave California but we own a ranch here so we cant take our land with us. People need to understand something the progressive movement will most likely take over the country in time. History always repeats itself and people live there free sruff.

  11. Funny how the mindset of the socialist works. The socialist decides what is good for you but at the same time lives by its own rules. Does Venezuela ring a bell?

  12. Yet somehow we still manage to get by without all of the people who leave the state and then have to make sure they tell everyone about it. Just less people to deal with, so thanks for leaving and hopefully more will follow.

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