CEO Tries to Humiliate Trump, The Don Unleashes ‘Art of the Deal’ SMACKDOWN

It’s true, President Trump can be impulsive at times, but boy does he sure know how to get the job done, and this is, of course, the very reason why the American people elected him to be their president.

At a press conference for the April 1 edition of Wrestlemania 23, Donald Trump took the podium and bashed WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, saying, “We used to be [friends] but I don’t like him one damn bit lately and I mean that.”

The execs were about to shake hands when Trump faked him out, and instead slapped McMahon’s face.

The truth is, libs always talk about the “facts,” but when they see something like this, they jump right on it not having a clue what is actually taking place.


According to CT,

Before entering politics, President Donald Trump was a businessman and entertainer who on several occasion had to rough up some very bad people — for entertainment purposes, mind you.

Included among the goons he had to personally thrash was Vince McMahon, the president of the World Wrestling Entertainment.

It was exactly 10 years ago, right before the WWE’s much-anticipated “Battle of the Billionaires,” that the two figures — Trump and McMahon — met on stage for what soon became one of the most climactic moments in the history of professional wrestling.

Before moving forward, it’s important to understand that professional wrestling is a performance art, meaning it’s all fake.

With that said, in late March of 2007 the two met for a news briefing during which they announced their proxies for their upcoming “Battle of the Billionaires” fight, which was scheduled to take place on April 1, according to a TMZ report from the time.

After the presser, the two were about to shake hands when McMahon faked him out and then proceeded to fiddle with Trump’s tie.

What happened next is history.


The man who would become our president a decade later smacked the life out of McMahon, causing the humiliated WWE president to briefly back away in abject horror.

What followed was an attempt by him to attack Trump that ultimately resulted in him taking “a pummeling from Trump’s security and proxy Bobby Lashley,” TMZ noted. “McMahon then ran off in shame.”

Even when entertaining, our president and the author of “The Art of the Deal” made it known that he was unwilling to tolerate any crap from others, including McMahon.

These days we know that this same rule applies to real life as well, where he has demonstrated an profound willingness to stomp his enemies into dust, be they Islamic State group fighters or Mexican cartels.

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