VOTER FRAUD: Chicago Finds 14K Votes, Than Alive Voters!

Chicago voter fraud

Chicago has been proven to have over 14,000 more votes than voters in the 2016 election, yet president Trump’s election integrity commission is still being given a hard time.

Chicago voting fraud

Obama’s hometown has been caught with THOUSANDS more votes than there are registered voters. If this doesn’t tell you that there needs to be some changes in the voting process, I don’t know what will. The Chicago GOP got ahold of the number of individuals who voted in Chicago by filing a Freedom of Information Act request. Now it’s a question of whether or not this is massive fraud, but no one will work with those who are trying to clean up the voting process.

100 Percent Fed Up|  According to the party, the board responded with a list of 1,101,178 individuals, though its website reflects 1,115,664 votes cast.

“There should never be more votes than voters—every ballot cast should be recorded against a registered voter,” Chairman of the Chicago GOP Chris Cleveland told Fox News, explaining that after receiving the data, the party “immediately” contacted the board for “clarification.” “This is either massive fraud or massive incompetence, but we have no way of telling the difference because they won’t give us the data.”

The discrepancy totals more than 14,000, though Cleveland claims it could be as high as 16,000.

chicago voter fraudCleveland told Fox News he filed a number of FOIA requests—the original in January, and “several follow ups” for updated numbers.

“They ignored them,” Cleveland said. “They have been stonewalling us for six months.”

There is one thing that you can say about Hillary Clinton, she can get more dead voters to vote than any candidate in history. She can also get more illegals, to vote numerous times because they “don’t understand the law.” Way to go Hillary! Does this mean that you didn’t really win the popular vote? Hmmm…

You can be sure that every time the Dems accuse the Republicans of something, it is exactly what they are doing and it winds up the Republicans were not. We need voter id and it needs to be something the court cannot overrule. This should be common sense but the crooks keep fighting it.


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