Stephen Colbert Corrects Audience for Cheering News of Comey Firing

Tuesday night on the Late Night show, Jon Stewart made an amusing visit for Stephen Colbert to help celebrate his career’s 20th anniversary.

Shortly before the show, President Trump “fired” James Comey, FBI Director, due to his corruption and investigation with Russians during the election. With great surprise, during his introduction the audience cheered with joy.

“You know James Comey was fired by Trump tonight?” Colbert asked Stewart.

“What?!” Stewart joked.

Colbert pivoted and addressed his studio crowd.

“I’ve got a question: You all cheered….Why? Is it because of what [Comey] did to Hillary?”

“Correct,” the audience indicated with applause, etc.

“But you know [Comey] was investigating Trump’s campaign ties to Russia?  Which will now evaporate like cotton candy in the ocean,” Colbert explained patiently.

Studio audience reax changed from applause to boos.

Stewart, generously speculated the audience in the theater “just didn’t know how to feel” during the monologue adding, “it was interesting to watch.”

Then the two men began to discuss how doing late-night shows with a political bent is another form or “shouting into the abyss” [Stewart] and “shouting into an Altoid tin and throwing it off an overpass [Colbert].


Reported by breitbart,

Evidently the left-leaning Colbert fans had not yet heard the news that Democrats, having called for Comey to be fired for months, were now using his firing to accuse Trump of a cover-up and abuse of power. 

“Wow, huge Donald Trump fans here tonight,” Colbert said, pointing at the audience.

He then explained why they should not cheer. “No rationale has been given yet as to why [sic], but it came on the recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions,” he said, drawing boos from the audience.

“I think I might know why. I think he was fired because Comey couldn’t guess the name, ‘Rumpelstiltskin,’” Colbert quipped, drawing mild laughter.

The Washington Free Beacon describes the scene:

Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” audience initially cheered loudly on Tuesday at the announcement that President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey minutes earlier, visibly vexing the comedian.

Presumably, the left-leaning audience thought this was positive news ever since Comey angered Democrats with his late-October letter to Congress announcing the discovery of emails related to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Clinton herself has cast blame on Comey for costing her the election.

Colbert has used his opposition to Trump to drive rating for his show, in what has become an arms race among late-night hosts to offer the most vehement “resistance” to the president.

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