Rep. Jordan Confirms James Comey’s Worst Nightmare… Classified Leaks Could Land Him In Jail

Comey insists he did not leak classified information, however, there seems to be a different story unfolding. 

Rep. Jim Jordan said recently that Comey used his friend from Columbia Law School, Daniel Richman, to leak information to the media. Jordan feels Comey has leaked the information on countless occasions and through a special government employee with access to the FBI.

This is bad!

Giving out classified information is a corrupt crime and requires punishment by the law. Comey is running on thin ice and needs to be very careful which step he takes next or he is going to fall through to his icy death. And I doubt liberals will do anything to try and save him…

Reported by subjectpolitics:

Jim Jordan just went after James Comey in the worst way possible. Look, what Comey did was unthinkable on so many levels that there is literally no chance he will not end up doing time in the slammer.

Do you think the Democrats will protect him? Not a chance.

The GOP? No way.

The guy’s a liar and a leaker and if Jim Jordan is correct, Comey’s days are numbered.

Jordan said:

“James Comey never told Congress that he wasn’t just leaking this information through a friend to The New York Times. This friend was a special government employee [who] had access to the FBI. We presume he had full clearance, so he didn’t disclose that. The only way we learned about Daniel Richman having this special government employee status at the FBI is when we deposed Jim Rybicki, James Comey’s chief of staff, in December,” said Jordan. “That’s where the staff on the Oversight Committee learned that he, in fact, had this special status at the FBI and was, in fact, an employee.”

“The American people are so fed up with these two standards, one standard for us regular folk and different standards if your name is Clinton, Comey, Loretta Lynch, [Lois] Lerner, this is what should concern Mr. Comey. He has been fired. [former Deputy FBI Director] Andrew McCabe has been fired for lying four times, three times under oath. Jim Baker, former chief counsel has been demoted and reassigned at the FBI. Peter Strzok, deputy head of counter intelligence. Lisa page, FBI counsel, demoted and reassigned. These are the top people at the FBI. That’s what he should be concerned about.”

“A leak is when you take information and give it to the press.”

Leaking classified information is a crime punishable by jail. With no friends left in D.C. to protect him, Comey seems doomed to his fate.

14 Comments on Rep. Jordan Confirms James Comey’s Worst Nightmare… Classified Leaks Could Land Him In Jail

  1. He has no fear of being arrested, that’s proven by him walking and talking freely to any one and everyone who’ll listen. He wants his smirky face out there for his haters to see.

    • He believes that obama and Hillary will protect him but instead they will throw him under the bus and I hope so soon….he’s there fall guy I hope he sings like a bird and takes them all down ….he better be careful and stay alive…

  2. Comey needs to be indicted then placed on ice as a flight risk pending is trial. Robert Mueller needs to be shut down and personally investigated. If, As I suspect, Comey and Mueller had worked out an immunity agreement to save Comey from consequences, it needs to be made null and void.

  3. Comey should serve jail time for his offenses. He is no better than any other American. Any other person would serve time and so should he. He’s no better than any one else.

  4. These people involved with the clintons and information leaks should be punished. They all consider themselves above the regular person. Average citizens have done time for much less offenses. This encluded obama as well.

  5. As long as Rosenstein,Mueller,Wray,Sessions and many more are in control of these departments they will continue to destroy America and what it stands for.It is so obvious what they are doing.To go after our president and protect the bad ones which is probably hundreds that are in this coup.Paid by big corporations,millionaires and other countries.This is very big and the deep state needs to be stopped.They want this to continue to get as many democrats in congress to work for them.

  6. But that lying giraffe Comey in a jail cell with a 3 ft ceiling and a dirt floor! Congratulations to the gullible who bought his book! You were snowed! I just hope you were “ fortunate” to get a signed copy!” 😂😂😂😂😂

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