Congressman DROPS BOMB! Says Next Intel Dump Will Expose Obama’s Role In Anti-Trump Coup

Elder Patriot – Recently, Representative Steve King (R-IA) explained to an interviewer the dangerous path Democrats have journeyed down:

“Look at all of these investigations now.  Look closely for Barack Obama’s fingerprints. I’ve just identified some that I think are fingerprints, and I think this trail leads to the Obama presidency, to Barack Obama himself, but it’s going to take some time if we get there, and I’m not certain that the evidence trail necessarily leads there. There’s an indication trail that says we need to take a look and find out. But if it’s not Barack Obama, then who is it? Well, it’s Loretta Lynch, for example, and James Comey, and McCabe, and that cast of characters from Sally Yates on down. I don’t think we’ve ever seen such a long row of very high-level executive branch officials wrapped up in something here that is political partisanship, weaponizing the FBI and DOJ to do opposition research that was stimulated by the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and [paid for with her] and the DNC’s checkbooks.”

The Dems may now wish they had thrown Hillary overboard much earlier but they can no longer do that without exposing their messiah, Barack Hussein Obama to public disgrace, as well.  They had hoped that they she would serve as a firewall but they’ve now overplayed that hand.

Remember back to an interview Obama gave to Fox News’ Chris Wallace while he was still president.  Wallace asked Obama:  

“Mr. President … some people I think are worried whether or not — the decision whether or not, how to handle the [Hillary email] case, will be made on political grounds, not legal grounds. Can you guarantee to the American people, can you direct the Justice Department to say, “Hillary Clinton will be treated as the evidence goes — she will not be, in any way, protected”?

Obama’s answer has now served to paint him into a box:  

“I can guarantee that. And I can guarantee that not because I give Attorney General Lynch a directive, [but because] that is institutionally how we have always operated. I do not talk to the attorney general about pending investigations. I do not talk to FBI directors about pending investigations. We have a strict line and always have maintained it.

“I guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the Justice Department, or the FBI, not just in this case, but in any case.”

With that answer Obama took ownership of this conspiracy. 

Whether Obama gave the order that led Comey to make multiple fraudulent representations to the FISC or not, it’s clear that people at the highest levels of his administration did so for the express purpose of getting the court to authorize using electronic surveillance in order to collect intelligence on then-presidential candidate Donald Trump and his associates to afford Hillary Clinton a political campaign advantage.

Essentially, Comey signed off on the FBI performing opposition research for Hillary Clinton.

It’s unfathomable that his Attorney General, who signed multiple FISA applications wasn’t aware of the fraud that was being perpetrated on the FISC.

It’s equally unfathomable that she didn’t at least advise her president of the applications.  The coordination that took place with Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice makes it a virtual certainty.

Neither Obama, nor anyone in his administration can walk these facts back at this point. 

Tick tock…

6 Comments on Congressman DROPS BOMB! Says Next Intel Dump Will Expose Obama’s Role In Anti-Trump Coup

  1. It should have been a GIVEN that the Clinton woman was willing and capable of performing ANY act, whether illegal or not, to (in her own demented mind) win against our current President. Her pathetic hubris, however, did not account for one simple fact: AMERICAN ARE NOT STUPID. The results of that election were straight-forward and clear: AMERICANS HATE FRAUD AND EVERYTHING THAT GOES WITH IT. Obama himself thought similarly BUT the American people were definitely not fooled by his leaning on his being black to smooth over the rough places he followed and caused others around him to do likewise. One way or another both Clinton and Obama will pay for their gross trampling on straight-forward and honest political contests. The fact that those two Democrats did not have a sign in their offices which read: NEVER TRY TO FOOL THE AMERICAN PUBLIC BECAUSE YOU CANNOT SUCCEED! The greatest factor that stands out today is this: Our Republic can live through chicanery, lies and false premises no matter how hard crooked political culprits work to obstruct our LIBERTY and FREEDOM!

  2. Their was a criminal gang that was operating out of the White house, anyone with common sense can see that the FBI, DoJ, several judges, Main stream Media, Hillery, Obama, probally his wife, were all involved in this hateful crime to discredit the Trump presidency. Commey, Clapper, Brennen, Lynch, Strox, Gal Pal, Rice, Muller, Rosenstein, Bruce Orr & Wife, Hillery & Bill plus Scumbag Obama should all get jail time for interfering in the election, Setting up this Russian Collusion lie that is a huge distraction to over shadow Trumps time is office, supplying the Media with daily dirt, which they blow out of proportion to try and have the American public turn on President Trump. If no collusion you all should have to pay for the investigation. Democrats is this who you aspire to be, this is the most un-American, childish display that as adults it should haunt you and make you feel sick to your stomach when ever this subject is discussed, when ever an election is held you should feel shame for the way that as Americans you have treated a legally elected President. How can you even rally and be proud of your pathetic party that has lied and cheated in the Primaries and the General election (no doubt). Shortly after the election your organized rallies & demostrations caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in destruction, your Antifa goons who are against free speech, freedom of assembly were video taped putting metal combo. locks into socks and striking fellow Americans causing injuries that required medical assistance, the one person who was caught was a College Professor he had actually purchased several locks and happily distributed them to his cowards. If you think that this stain and on going circus of distractions is going to some how deter Trump think again. But you have truly shown your true cowardly colors, and to me you are the worst kind of traitor to America. You are an embarassment to America and the World. Your disgusting show of immature antics that hijack the liberal news media is right up their with all the other disgraced organizations that are now a memory. You cannot fight the truth with your twisted representation of the facts just to fit your narritive, we know the truth. But this is what your once proud party has become with your corrupt leaders who lie and mislead to profit, steal and influence. You are the type of person we use to go to war with, how have you fallen so far and completely gave up all you morals and pride. You are now and forever will be just LOW LIFE SCUM, SCUM that is what you have acheived you should be so proud to pass these lovely traits off to your little creatures so they can make you proud when they become SCUM just like YOU. SHAME SHAME you make me sick.

  3. I agree with Michael French. I have lived a lot of years & have never seen or heard of such collusion & other crime in my lifetime. I hope the people that are standing by while our country is being destroyed, enjoys the dictators.

  4. How true Michael. You nailed them. Democrats are the scum of the earth.The democrat party of today in no way resembles the party of old. It has evolved into Marxist,socialist, communist thugs.

  5. They are the same party that started the KKK, Google clanbake, they are still the same disgusting party, they are just a little more honest of their hatred for our country today!!

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