Congresswoman’s Wife Absolutely Unloads on Democrats After Shooting- Hits Them With A List Of Demands

In the past, the game was canceled due to The Great Depression, World War II, and a House speaker’s presumption that baseball is just too rough.

With 39 wins each for the Democratic and Republican teams and a tied game between them, the focus of Thursday evening’s baseball game was supposed to be on who would finally break the partisan tie.

But the focus shifted after Scalise and four others were injured Wednesday when a gunman fired on the GOP congressional baseball team’s early morning practice in Alexandria, Virginia.

A day after firing on an active shooter to protect congressmen under attack at a morning baseball practice in Virginia, Capitol Police officer David Bailey returned to the diamond for the annual charity game.

Image: Members of the Republican team pray before the Democrats and Republicans face off in the annual Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park in Washington

Members of the Republican team pray before the annual Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., on Thursday. Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Politics aside, the members agreed that, regardless of game play, the country is better off when the nation is united.

However, despite efforts to bring the nation together, it is important for people to release their frustrations towards this horrible tragedy in a constructive way.

According to ijr,

One day after a left-wing gunman opened fire on Republican lawmakers in Virginia, the wife of a GOP congressman is venting her frustrations with the “left” and Democrats.

Rachel Campos-Duffy, the wife of Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI), told Independent Journal Review on Thursday that Democrats have been “turning up the temperature” in regards to toxic political discourse in America — and they refuse to admit it.

Twitter/Rachel Campos-Duffy

Campos-Duffy said she knew her husband wasn’t practicing with other Republicans on Wednesday when gunshots rang out, so she wasn’t concerned about his immediate safety. But Campos-Duffy said she’s worried about her husband’s safety in the future if something doesn’t change.

When asked directly if she felt the intense rhetoric coming from Democrats and liberals influenced the Virginia shooting, Campos-Duffy replied, “Yes, absolutely.”

“We have been seeing the temperature rise since November 8,” she told IJR. “They have been trying their hardest to delegitimize the president. We’ve been seeing it.”

Campos-Duffy also claimed she has witnessed a disturbing increase in volatility and even “violence” on the “left” that you don’t see from the right.

“When is the last time that security was needed on campus because a liberal speaker was going to speak? When is the last time that the Tea Party has mass protesters looting and breaking windows? It just doesn’t happen,” she said. “The double standard is just glaring.”

The reason tempers are flaring so out of control right now is that Democrats are doing their best to convince Americans that “democracy is being undermined” and “threatened” by the mere existence of President Donald Trump. She also criticized Kathy Griffin’s Trump “beheading” stunt and the Shakespeare “assassination” play in Central Park.

Campos-Duffy then offered her “solution” to the growing problem in American politics, urging Democrats to take accountability:

“I think we can’t put the cart before the horse. Everyone wants to get to this bipartisan feeling right away. I don’t think that we should move too quickly into that happy space before we take some really hard looks on the part of the Democrats.

There needs to be some serious reflection and introspection. That has been lacking. They are still in denial. They need to as leaders accept that this is our president. They are the ones who need to start ratcheting this down.”

Clearly, some Democrats still disagree.

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) on Wednesday accused a reporter of “fake journalism” for asking whether Democrats are guilty of using violently partisan rhetoric to push back against President Trump.

Brown also accused Trump of choosing to “divide and name call“ rather than serve as ”the healer in chief.”

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