American ‘dreamers’ will cost Taxpayers $115 Billion Dollars if President Trump doesn’t End DACA

DACA and these so called ‘dreamers’ will financially cripple the United States of America thanks to a little thing called, ObamaCare.


President Trump has proposed to end a bill passed by the Obama administration that provided amnesty to illegal immigrants who arrived in america at a young age. Although democrats refuse to listen to reason, the reality behind the financial support of Obama’s DACA ‘dreamers’ especially considering their ObamaCare coverage is simply not feasible. American taxpayers are looking at $115 Billion in order to keep this ‘dream’ alive.

Via Breitbart:

The cost of a legislation to legalize childhood arrivals is likely to be far higher than earlier attempts because of Obamacare’s health insurance subsidies. The Affordable Care Act subsidizes the costs of health insurance for millions of Americans and would likely foot the bill for many of those whose residency in the U.S. would be legalized by the DREAM Act.

The numbers are striking. The DREAM Act of 2017, the most likely vehicle for extending DACA protections and making them permanent, would raise federal outlays by $115 billion dollars, according to a Breitbart News analysis. Nearly all of that would be paid for by additional deficit spending.

Unlike the Senate DREAM bill from 2010 and Obama’s DACA executive order, the current DREAM Act does not exclude those who benefit from the new immigration status from receiving health insurance subsidies under the Affordable Care Act. Absent a specific exclusion, by granting so-called Dreamers status as “lawfully present” in the United States, the new DREAM Act would make millions both subject to the individual mandate to buy health insurance and potential beneficiaries of the subsidies available to pay for insurance.

Obamacare includes a health insurance premium tax credit available to households with income from one to four times the official federal poverty level. This means that the tax credit subsidies are available to individuals earning between $12,060 and $48,240. A family of four is eligible obtain tax credits if its income is below $98,000. It’s likely that this means substantially all those legalized by the DREAM Act are eligible for subsidies. According to U.S. Berkeley’s Labor Center, 68 percent of DACA program enrollees in California were low-income and eligible for California’s state-run medical insurance subsidies.

Basically, Obama ruined the American healthcare system with the Obamacare Act and added further insult to injury by allowing his DACA ‘dreamers’ to receive full coverage with a system that has insurance premiums through the roof. Thanks Obama.

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