Vandal Who Destroyed Trump’s Star Gets Hit w/ Devastating Justice, Facing Federal Charge/ Prison Time

The prideful vandal who destroyed Trump’s star gets hit with devastating justice, facing federal charge and possible prison time.

The vandal, Austin Clay, was featured on TMZ, proudly proclaiming why he destroyed Trump’s star on the walk of fame.

Not only that, but he has received praise from many anti-Trump celebrities for doing it.

Destruction of property isn’t some noble act that should be praised, it’s actually a crime that should be punished.

And guess what?

That’s exactly what’s happening.

TMZ announced later that the vandal was smacked with a felony offence.

Bravo. BRAVO.

That’s what this man deserves, not the admiration of Chelsea Handler, Robert De Niro and the rest of the liberal loonies. He is looking at spending a possible 3 years in jail.

All thanks to video that TMZ obtained, showing Clay in action.

Watch below: 

“I think I did, like, a real good act,” Clay stated. “Personally, I don’t feel resentful. I feel proud of myself.”

“I just felt really passionate because of what happened with the immigrants and him stripping children away from their parents. And that just sort of set me off,” Clay claimed.

This is how low democrat “activists” have fallen. Property damage is the way they “fight” for change.

What is smashing a star on the walk of fame really going to change?


Clay is doing as much “good” as the Antifa vandals running around in disguises.

5 Comments on Vandal Who Destroyed Trump’s Star Gets Hit w/ Devastating Justice, Facing Federal Charge/ Prison Time

  1. Put this entitled POS in jail where he belongs. There are peaceful ways to express one’s opinion of something that offends one. Property damage does nothing about a problem.

  2. Since when has destroying public property or that of another citizen besn appropriate behavior anywhere. These young entitled aggressives need to learn some self-control and how to get along in society. Get over yourself and grow a conscience!

  3. He should BE in jail for at least 5yrs.(five years) and pay for for the damaged he had caused!!! He IS proud OF what he’s done!?!? He SHOULD NOT get AWAY WITH THAT!!!👎👎👎👎👎🤮

  4. Do these idiots not know this is Obama’s policy that was dropped a Trumps feet. Or is this just become “Hate Trump”regardless of the excuse.

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