Devin Nunes Discovers New Way To Shut Down Mueller And End Witch Hunt Once And For All

The Trump witch hunt may soon be coming to a sudden halt after recent evidence from Devin Nunes comes forward. 

Devin Nunes has been the only one stepping up to the plate in Congress these days, and his voice of sanity is driving the liberal media insane. The left is losing their minds and does not know what to do with Devin Nunes truth bombs. He is making waves crash down hard with his recent bombshell.

The mainstream media all seems so staged as they trot out Avenatti and other liberals to try and keep the Mueller witch hunt going. You can see right through the left’s BS. It’s like someone who despises the president is behind it all. 

Reported by subjectpolitics:

Hate is never a good look and the left has abandoned all impartiality in their quest to remove Trump from office.

It won’t work because Devin Nunes just dropped a bombshell that may very well end Bob Mueller’s witch hunt once and for all.

From the Washington Times:

Rep. Devin Nunes said Tuesday that he wants to find out how the Department of Justice decided a special counsel was necessary to investigate the Trump campaign.

“What we’re trying to do is get the documents to figure out … what methods were used to open this counter-intelligence investigation,” Mr. Nunes, California Republican, said on Fox News.

The congressman said that testimony from Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson indicated there was a source within the Trump campaign leaking information for the unverified dossier.

He added that the whole situation looks bad for the Justice Department and could even suggest they were setting Mr. Trump up.

“They never should have opened a counter-intelligence investigation into a political party,” Mr. Nunes said.


Imagine — the DOJ under Obama planted a spy in a political campaign to sabotage it – basically in case of Trump’s win break glass.

If this explosive charge is true, and we need to see the documents now more than ever, this whole witch hunt will be over faster than you can say “4 more years.”

3 Comments on Devin Nunes Discovers New Way To Shut Down Mueller And End Witch Hunt Once And For All

  1. Nunes is “Archangle Michael” sent by God to protect his “annointed”. May God protect Rep. David Nunes. More power, Rep. Nunes.

  2. Well Nunes how long will this take to get these papers? after this coming election in September?You and your people better get after it starting tonite because you won’t see those papers in a while,and when you do they will be redacted so bad you won’t make heads or tails out of it.They aren’t just going to hand this over without many ways to stall.

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