Don Lemon Not Happy After Seeing What President Trump Did At Police Event

Welcome to the new and improved era of President Donald Trump. 

Almost two years ago President Trump was elected President of the United States fair and square. Many on the left felt that he would be a disaster for our country, however many hoped for the opposite. Despite there being decent reasons to doubt Trump, he has benefited us greatly as President. He was elected fair and square and the foolish and hypocritical left have done everything they can to prove otherwise.

The mainstream media have picked out just pieces of the entire puzzle to show the public and only reveal negative news on our president. They work overtime to portray Trump in a negative light every day. It seems the media’s main goal is to sabotage the president who beat both establishment parties. 

Reported by subjectpolitics:

The media, totally in bed with the GOP and the Dem establishment, watched in horror as Trump made his unbelievable run.

After he did the impossible, they immediately went to work trying to undermine him.

They used whatever weapons they could to inflict maximum harm on Trump and anyone close to him.

Typically what they do is just report “some” of the facts. It’s called selective reporting and it is as insidious as it is dishonest.

They take things out of context and with their massive reach they pound the false message home, time and again, until the average liberal viewer cannot tell fact from fiction.

That is how they create a false narrative. Once the false narrative is created and reinforced via their endless 24/7 feedback loop, they can trot it out anytime they want.

Because once duped by the media, the left will never budge from their programmed narratives.

Like sheep to the slaughter, they soldier on, unaware and oblivious that they have been lied to.

Take Russia. Total witch hunt with zero proof yet if you watch CNN and MSNBC Trump is already guilty.

Of what they do not say, but they all know he is guilty.

The same thing happened to the question of race relations and Trump. CNN and Don Lemon and the rest of the media went searching for any evidence that Trump is a racist and when none existed they just made it up.

That’s why the left’s reaction to Kanye was so hateful – he destroyed their narrative.

Just like this picture did and that is the reason you will never see it on CNN or MSNBC.

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  1. My president and Vice President are a gift from God to the American people to help them bring this country back to the reality of a need for the Christian values she was founded on. Donald Trump is not perfect, neither is anyone else. God forgives because he doesn’t expect perfection. What does anyone have to lose in believing? Nothing. What has one to lose for not brlieving? Everything. God bless America and her President and Vice President.

  2. I absolutely love this picture. You can’t fake the concern and respect our president gave this grieving mother. God bless bless him and keep him safe. God bless America

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