Elizabeth Warren Tells a Bad Joke, Bullies Her Critics And Encourages Heavy Drinking … All In 15 Minutes!

This is sure a knee slapper… Elizabeth Warren made a mistake in front of a huge crowd of graduates and their families.

You would think she learned to keep her mouth shut after attending the inauguration and making a nasty fuss about Trump and “right-wingers,” despite Trump winning the election fair and square. 

After trying to defend and convince others of her beliefs in liberal nonsense, she confused her own words and made a fool of herself in front of everyone.

According to thefederalistpapers,

Elizabeth Warren made a funny.

Giving a commencement address to students at the University of Massachusetts, the leftist senator’s joke wasn’t actually humorous, but the graduates indulged her and laughed anyway.

She was slamming President Trump (of course) and criticizing his decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey when she said:

“We need a justice department not an obstruction of justice department.”

Get it? A real knee-slapper.

She then launched into a nasty attack, bullying her political opponents, which is interesting, since she started her address by telling the graduates to become activists for causes they believed in … such as animal rescue, abortion rights and “bullying.”

“I can’t help myself,” she said.

Is that a good defense for bullying someone? Saying you can’t “help yourself”? I don’t think that works.

In addition to attacking her opponents, she told the assembled students that big corporations want to destroy them, their elected officials want to destroy them and rich people want to destroy them.

But it wasn’t all bad … she made several references to drinking alcohol, including a drinking game named after her.

“I understand that every extra minute I speak is that much longer before you can hit the bars,” Warren said.

Just so we’re clear … while President Donald Trump was talking to graduates at Liberty University about faith and freedom, Elizabeth Warren was bullying her political opponents, cracking stupid jokes and encouraging heavy drinking.


Here’s Warren’s full speech:

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