‘It’s Really Insane’: Eric Trump Says Democrats Would Rather See America Fail Than Trump Succeed


There has been ample amounts of strife in the media this year surrounding Trump’s administration and ties with Russia.

As naysayers care less and less about what happens to the American people, the one-sided dems are finding any way to bring down President Trump.

Fox News’ host Jesse Watters recently interviewed Trump’s son, Eric Trump, asking if the probe investigation was a total hoax.

Trump told Watters that there are a lot of people who just “want to further a narrative for their own political agenda. And I really believe that they would rather see this country fail than see him succeed.”

Watters asked one more time during the interview if the Russia probe was a hoax and Trump confirmed saying: “It’s a total hoax.”

According to ijr,

For nearly two weeks, President Donald Trump has been traveling abroad, meeting with officials and heads of state throughout Europe and the Middle East.

And while multiple media outlets have found a whole host of reasons to criticize the president’s — and first lady’s — actions overseas, the president himself has called the trip a success:

And First Son Eric Trump, who took a walk at the Trump National Golf Club with Jesse Watters of “Watters World” on Fox News, couldn’t agree more:

“He did so well. Just the images — when he arrived in Saudi Arabia and the respect they gave him. You know, one of the things I always talked about on the campaign trail was the lack of respect that we were receiving around the world. I see it all the time, in tons and tons of different countries, they just didn’t respect America for a long time.”

Trump mentioned his father’s visits to Israel (“one of our greatest allies”) and the Vatican, noting that the reception was just different now.

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