Eric Trump Just LOST IT During INSANE Interview- And Asks The ONE Thing We ALL Want Answered

Eric Trump got on Hannity Monday night to make an impassioned plea for legislators to work with President Trump instead of constantly battling and resisting his every move.

During the interview he asked one heartbreaking question about the refusal of all Democrats and even some Republicans to work with the president:

“How much weight does he have to carry by himself?” 

“My father has the voice of this country, the people of this country love him. Why wouldn’t they get in line? It doesn’t make sense.”

President Trump is close to all of his children, so Eric is witnessing first hand the difficulties and frustrations his father is going through as he tries to govern the country with resistant legislators.

Trump also attacked the main stream media, saying they have really “gone to shambles.” He continued:

“They would rather focus on Russia. They would rather focus on these nonsense stories than real news that people care about.”

“It’s a sad thing for democracy, it’s a sad thing for the morality of the country. It’s really a race to the bottom with the media these days,”

Watch the full interview here:

ric Trump is totally right, President Trump has it really hard, and everyone- the Democrats, the media, and even his own party- is against him. It’s been tough, but we know our President is a tough guy and if anyone can get through it, he can.

Let’s try to get this to him by sharing 1 million times so he knows MILLIONS of Americans have his back!

(h/t Fox News)

2 Comments on Eric Trump Just LOST IT During INSANE Interview- And Asks The ONE Thing We ALL Want Answered

  1. We, those who voted for him, know he is doing all he can to bring us back to the best that we can
    We are behind him. And are so proud of his stamina, and strength to put up with these sore loser bullies…Hang in there! We love you!

  2. I’m not personally crazy about Trump……but I am personally ‘crazy’ about my country….and He is the President, therefore I will give him my allegiance as he does the difficult job of trying to run this Country!

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