EXPOSED: Judge Who Denied Trump’s Executive Order Revealed As Major Democrat Contributor

Democrats continue to do everything in their power to go against President Trump’s authority.

After Trump’s executive order banning travel from seven Muslim countries, judges denied the administration’s claim.

This is a disgrace!

“The administration’s sweeping assertion of presidential power runs contrary to the fundamental structure of our constitutional democracy,” the three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals wrote.

Judges rudely complain, stating “The states that challenged Trump’s order had made a strong claim that the ban violated the rights of U.S. residents and visa holders to due process.”

Reported by rightwingedge,

It appears the judge who denied President Trump’s recent executive order has an interesting past.

Judge William Orrick III was the judge from San Francisco who blocked Trump’s executive order that was set to stop funding to sanctuary cities.

Recent details have emerged of him being a life-long democrat, with statements from a judge who does not believe Judge Orrick is capable of putting his political beliefs aside.

One California lawyer, who decided to stay anonymous, told Fox News, “He’s definitely one of the more openly liberal-leaning judges on the bench based on several rulings he’s made over the years. Many of our judges are Democratic appointees.”

The lawyer continued by saying, “Judge Orrick is one of the ones I feel uncomfortable having a politically charged case in front of.”

Judge Orrick was a strong supporter of President Obama. He is on the record as telling reporters he would do anything to work for the previous president, saying, “I contacted anybody I could think of to say: Let me serve.”

Nicholas Kaizer, an attorney in New York, decided to add to the criticism of Judge Orrick. He told Fox News, “The comments reflect the judge’s bias…The general flavor reflects a judge that values form over substance, is results-oriented, and somebody that directs litigation to a preordained, predetermined outcome. And that reflects a judge that is not well regarded by counsel.”

Kaizer added that there have been “4 or 5 or more” lawyers who have recently come out and criticized Judge Orrick of having a bias.

President Trump was furious that the executive order planning to defund sanctuary cities got denied. Trump believes the order was vital for the protection of the American people. It appears it never had a chance with Judge Orrick, and Trump does not appear to be letting this one go.

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