FBI Agents Trash James Comey’s Book As Unprofessional, Embarrassing To Agency

Comey has received a lot of resentment for his new book he recently published.

Many conspiracy theories have released to why Comey repopened Hillary’s email investigation with his book, although Clinton has shown multiple signs of negligence in her establishment of private email server. And no prosecutor ever has the nerve to try and bring her down.

Now the left after criticizing Comey with praise on concluding the investigation, are lashing out at him as he looks back into the Clinton investigation. He has been looking for influence in the 2016 election period with Hillary. Conservatives have been acting quite the opposite, as they praise Comey for his efforts to correct the horrible corruption taking place.

Via allenwestrepublic:

James Comey’s book is already being criticized for being a “nothing burger.” His fellow Agents are not even rating it that high. There is a lot of professional criticisms that are being leveled at the former Director of the FBI. The concern is that Comey’s book is painting the FBI in a very unfavorable light. In the book, for instance, it appears that Comey bases his actions on the certainty that Hillary Clinton will win the election. That is playing politics, is it not? Read more here.

As Written and Reported by Chris Enloe for The Blaze:

Excerpts from former FBI Director James Comey’s long-awaited book, “A Higher Loyalty,” which releases next week, flowed like raging river rapids this week.

The excerpts brought light to many of the most anticipated parts of Comey’s book, which details intimate conversations with the Trump administration, and President Donald Trump himself, in the weeks preceding his termination last May. Indeed, Comey’s book is heavy with detail and exposes many of the country’s most controversial issues over the last year and a half.

But a CNN correspondent, who said she spoke with several “high-ranking” FBI sources, said FBI agents are not thrilled with Comey’s upcoming blockbuster.

What are the details?

Jamie Gangel said on CNN host Wolf Blitzer’s show that her FBI sources are “not happy” with Comey’s book, which they reportedly say crosses the line of professionalism Comey once held the bureau to.

She explained they believe Comey’s book will bring more criticism to an organization already “under attack” from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“I’ve talked to quite a few former FBI high ranking sources, they are not happy about this because they feel it crosses the line of professionalism,” Gangel said. “They are worried about their reputation. They have been under attack, the organization has been….

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