BOMBSHELL: The FBI Not Only Knew About It, They Paid For It!

In the last week alone the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch was able to get their hands on proof that there have been acts of corruption between Christopher Steele and the Democrats. 

Judicial Watch was able to obtain over 70+ pages of highly redacted records on former British spy and corrupt dossier writer, Christopher Steele. This is all they needed to prove the criminal acts behind Steele and the Dems. 

We can clearly see by the documents gathered from Judicial Watch that Steele was given money over 11 times in 2016 by the FBI to do opposition research against Donald Trump. Can you believe this?!

But there is more…

Democrats were the ones who actually gave Steele the money. It started at the Perkins Coie law firm, went to Fusion GPS, and then flew into the hands of Steele himself. 

So does this mean the FBI was using taxpayer money to fund the opposition research against Donald Trump?

There is clearly collusion going on here, but it’s not between the Russians and Trump. It looks like the actual collision is between the Russians and the dirty Dems. 

Reported by fbnewscycle:

Diamond and Silk reports that the FBI had hoped to stretch out the relationship with Steele after the presidential election. They even offered him more money… but then he leaked to the media that he was working for the bureau.

CHS confirmed to an outside third party that CHS has a confidential relationship with the FBI. CHS was used as a source for an online article. In the article, CHS revealed CHS’ relationship with the FBI as well as information that CHS obtained and provided to FBI. On November 1, 2016, CHS confirmed all of this to the handling agent. At that time, handling agent advised CHS that the nature of the relationship between the FBI and CHS would change completely and that it was unlikely that the FBI would continue a relationship with the CHS. Additionally, handling agent advised that CHS was not to operate to obtain any intelligence whatsoever on behalf of the FBI.

The British spy made no qualms about letting the FBI know that he was only helping them because he didn’t want Trump to win the presidency. Even though there were constant questions being asked about Steele, and even though disgraced former FBI Director James Comey had called the dossier “salacious and unverified.” the bureau used the phony document in order to get their FISA warrants, which allowed them to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page both before and after Election Day. The connection between Steele’s dossier and the Clintons was never shared with the judges.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton explained, “These new docs show the shady, cash-based relationship the Obama FBI had with Clinton operative Christopher Steele. The anti-Trump Russia ‘investigation’ had Christopher Steele at its center and his misconduct was no impediment to using information from his Russia intelligence collaborators to spy on the Trump team. The corruption and abuse is astonishing.”

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has spent more than a year and a half and millions of dollars trying to find evidence against Trump. No evidence has been found. Why is there no investigation into the DNC and Hillary Clinton for funding the phony dossier?

Take a look at what Conservative commentators Diamond and Silk had to say about the matter:

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