Fleischer Destroyies Every Single Liberal Lie About Trumpcare In 5 Sentences

The liberals gave their best efforts to sabotage Trump’s new health care bill by succeeding to block President Trump’s reforms a few times, but in practice, everything they did is a huge failure.

Do you wonder why?

It’s due to their double standards, and the fact they NEVER explain WHY the Senate should not pass Trump’s version of the Obamacare repeal bill.

The Democrats, at first, refused to debate. Paul Ryan and his buddies from both parties tried not to do anything constructive, and in silence, they sabotaged Trump’s reform.

After a while, when everybody realized that President Trump is actually telling the truth, and when they all noticed how dedicated he is, they tried to confront him, and the Republicans supporting the President, trying to pull Obamacare out of its misery.

Reported by conservative101,

The vultures are currently circling above Obamacare, which would die a slow and painful death regardless if Republicans made the effort to put it out of its misery. Democrats clearly realize this, as they are making numerous arguments about why the Senate should not pass its version of the Obamacare repeal bill.

Conservative former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer is a master at rhetoric, and he can see right through the Democrats’ verbal tricks. With five short messages via his Twitter account, Ari debunked every lie Democrats have been telling about Trumpcare.

Began Fleischer, “There are NO Medicaid cuts in GOP reforms. For decades, the press has done a rotten job dealing w budget stories. Here are the numbers: My 1st job on the Hill was in ’83. The Fed gvt spent $19 billion on Medicaid that year. When I was at the WH in ’01, we spent $129 billion.”

He continued, “Today, Federal Medicaid spending is $389 billion. Under GOP reforms,it will increase to about $500 billion in 2027. With Obamacare, it goes to $624 billion in 2026. In Washington, spending always goes up. It’s just a matter of now much.”

The former press secretary concluded, “But why doesn’t the press report ALL the numbers? They don’t cover the news fully and accurately. They’re biased toward conflict, not facts.” Are you glad Fleischer finally set liberals and their media allies straight about their lies?

The GOP should have scrapped everything Obamacare, every single word.

Then if they are determined to replace it, start from scratch.

They are driving an 18 wheeler down a mountain, and trying to change the tires one at a time! Doomed to fail!

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