Fox News Asks Trump Voters How They’re Feeling About Trump, Man Stares Straight Into Camera And Says… [VIDEO]


It’s tough times for Republicans who are easily discouraged by all the negative coverage on the Trump administration.

But one supporter in Michigan had a message for the President this week—and it was a GREAT one.

Wil DeOrsey, Jr., a Republican voter from Michigan, sent an inspiring message straight to Trump during an interview Fox News this week.

“Don’t try to win over the people who don’t support you,” DeOrsey advised Trump as he spoke to Fox News Channel’s Pete Hegseth Friday from the 3 Sons Diner in Warren, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

“They’re never gonna support you. There’s nothing you can do to please them. Remember: the people who elected you are still strongly behind you,” DeOrsey continued. “We have your back.”

He urged the president to “move forward” with his campaign promises.

“Do the things you said you were going to do and we’re all going to be great together,” DeOrsey said.

Love it.

But not only did DeOrsey have encouraging words for the president—he had some harsher ones for Republican Congress too.

Here’s what he said:

“My God! Stand up and support our president!” DeOrsey exclaimed. “This is our party. You guys are silent.”

Democrats blast the president and the GOP at every turn and use every avenue to spread their narrative, he noted, complaining that Republicans are not nearly as aggressive.

“The Republican supporters voted for Donald Trump. You’re obligated to support Donald Trump,” he said.

Amen, amen, amen, my friend.

Here’s the clip to watch for yourself:

This country could use more Wil DeOrseys.

2 Comments on Fox News Asks Trump Voters How They’re Feeling About Trump, Man Stares Straight Into Camera And Says… [VIDEO]

  1. 💯 percent agree with Mr.DeOsey there’re millions of us behind our President faithfully, we all behind him & Vice President and their Leadership. God call you President Trump at this time. You rise above all the hatred, lies and the betrayal.

  2. Agree with Mr. DeOsey. There is nothing that will convince the morons who have been indoctrinated by the Dems and their puppet master, Soros, because they are on his payroll. But every day, they prove what sorry losers they are and what damage they have already done to this country. Many will eventually see the light and leave their ranks. So, Mr. President, proceed with your own agenda and remember that we supporters are 100% behind you.

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