Bill Gates Issues MAJOR Warning To ALL Americans: ‘President Trump Was Right’

Whether liberals want to admit it or not, there are significant negative consequences that come with immigration.

LibertyOneNews | Not only do many immigrants become a burden for the nation they go to, they become a global problem that require drastic sanctions. Some of them are terrorists and religious fanatics with one goal: Kill Americans.

Attacks on our nation and around the globe prove not everyone is who they claim to be. They are not seeking a better place to live, many times they are only seeking a better place to set up their nefarious headquarters.

UConservative reports that Bill Gates understands the severity of this problem and that’s why he warned Americans about the possible chaos that could happen if immigrants keep coming to our country. The Microsoft founder showed his support for President Trump’s ban.

According to Gates, Europe is already overwhelmed by immigrants and they are trying to put an end to the migration problem. What Gates suggested was that world leaders should make it difficult for migrants to reach Europe. This will help all the countries to put an end to all the immigrants entering the countries on a daily basis.

Gates spoke about the problem Angela Merkel caused. He said:

“On the one hand you want to demonstrate generosity and take in refugees, but the more generous you are, the more word gets around about this  — which in turn motivates more people to leave Africa. Germany cannot possibly take in the huge, massive number of people who are wanting to make their way to Europe.”

This is exactly why the leaders need to start listening to Trump. This is why they need to issue their own travel ban. Europe must secure their borders day and night in order to avoid a similar scenario like the one that happened today.

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  1. It amazes me that Gates appears to be so naive, whether this is by design or he is genuinely that stupid is not clear at this point in time. What’s happening to Europe and is moving forward unabated in the US is no ‘mistake’, not by a long shot. It doesn’t require a significant amount of thought or reasoning to figure out what the end game here is.

  2. I think this is all fake news, Bill Gates would never support Trump, he is to big of a liberal. How do you know Bill Gates said this? I would have to heard him with my own ears to believe he would swing this far right.

    • I would love to believe that someone as accomplished as Bill Gates would become aware of this problem and it’s solution but I find it very hard to accept this sudden change in his thinking as real. If this can be confirmed it is great but I for one need confirmation.

  3. NOTHING is as it SEEMS. Not even close. I doubt gates said this. And I don’t give a shit, either way. We are at WAR PEOPLE. TRUMP came to the rescue and he is ONE HELL OF A MAN, but he NEEDS us as much now as we NEEDED him in 2016. #TheGreatAWAKENING #TheShotHeardAroundTHEWORLD #GOODvsEVIL #WARforHUMANITY Trump is asking us for help. You may not know this, but he is. Where to find? You must listen, hear, and see. Most importantly, you must ask the right questions, and find the answers to THOSE QUESTIONS. NOW, GO FIND WHAT I JUST TOLD YOU. Question? Question EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Now, you must listen, to our God given President. Not just hear, REALLY LISTEN, and HERE the message. The REAL message, you must read/hear between the lines. Trust no MEDIA SOURCES, PERIOD. Go research and find the TRUTH! Questions…. START WITH – What did I just say? Why? Where? God Bless America, and God Bless our PRESIDENT!

  4. The immigration I feel was a deliberate act to take over all countries they invaded, simply by their belief. To me, it seemed to be a planned immigration with the collaboration and blessing with the leaders of these countries. You send people in under the pretense of victims, they get into countries and try to take them over, i.e. in Sweden they opened their borders and arms to them, the result, the raped rate went from 487 (197e) to over 6,000, including children women and men, one boasted that God made the Christain girls, for all muslims to rape. n Their Koran atates, the minute tey set foot on any land of any nation, the country becomes their land, we as individuals are supposed to accept this. We are to accept their raping of any individuals because they can not control themselves, we are expected to accept their behavior. Because of their 7th-century lifestyle, we are also expected to accept this behavior and give our country over to them, according to Allah. The immigration seems to me, (my opinion) that this was a well-established invasion under the ruse of escaping the destruction of their own countries. With this type of guise, who would turn their backs on victims, and not let them enter this country. Especially those with children. As the newspapers pointed out, there were more young men (that should have stayed behind to protect their families) that were well-toned muscles and these men were grabbing babies from women and racing to the front of the line, to better their chances of getting asylum in the United States. Presidents, also made it their law, that the Muslims ISIS) not be allowed into the United States. Each President put a cap on how many could enter the United States, to prevent strong economic losses and unbalance the country’s GDP. The jobs were given to Americans, mainly the soldiers that returned from World War II. Each President put a cap on how many people can come into America, and the nation still being able to have a secure economic balance.

  5. WAKE UP EVERYONE! These invasions are ruining, have already ruined, many European countries..Terror threats, anyone?! From random murders, rape and rampant drug rings, human trafficking, theft, destruction and the blatant disregard for the respect of our nation and neighbors! Why?! Because these new breeds of migrants, HAVE NO DESIRE to assimilate, unlike like the wonderful immigrants from back in the day!!! My family’s descendants; many died in the holocaust..LORD, PLEASE..the horrors and atrocities while the Germans turned a fearful blind eye OR simply signed up for Hitler’s reign. And people are worried about White Supremisist’s? Thats a funded liberal, RED HERRING!! Pay attention to these cultures, and their practices, educate yourselves! Even in our own country US POWER HUNGRY MONSTERS and taking advantage in endless ways!!! Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, #metoo! Child Molestation, OPEN YOUR EYES so we can SAVE OURSELVES by being informed and not sugarcoat the facts and make sure we get the corruption OUT. Whats happening in Europe is well underway in the US..been happening and we’ve been obvlious!. The corruption around evert turn is mind blowing and dark. I worry for my sons generation should they decide to have children!

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