Murder: Hillary & McCain Have Blood On Their Hands After Attorney Makes Deadly Confession In Front Of Senate

Democrats maybe responsible for murder following the release of the Glenn Simpson testimony.

Glenn Simpson is one of the founders of the Fusion GPS firm responsible for compiling the fabricated Trump Dossier which was commissioned by the DNC. Simpson underwent 9 hours of questioning following the revelation to which his testimony was just made public despite it being an ongoing investigation. While democrats believed the release would be beneficial in backing their story it may have revealed more than they had anticipated.


Glenn Simpson

Yesterday, DemocRAT Senator Dianne Feinstein, the ranking DemocRAT on the Senate Intelligence Committee, took it upon herself to unilaterally release the 312-page transcript of its closed-door interview with Glenn Simpson that was conducted in August. Simpson is a founder of Fusion GPS the firm that compiled the opposition research piece that became known as the Trump Dossier.

The mainstream media hailed Feinstein’s action as an act of transparency. Perhaps it is, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the people who are going to study it the most carefully are those witnesses yet to be called, or waiting to be recalled to testify before the committee.

The 312-pages reveals the exact details of Simpson’s 9 hours of testimony and now serves as a roadmap for future witnesses.

Feinstein should be removed from the committee for this. Remember when Republican Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, was forced by DemocRATS to recuse himself for doing far less?

What we learned from the unauthorized document dump is that this has become more than just an inquiry into the origins and veracity of the “Dossier.” It is now a murder case, or at least it should be following Simpson’s lawyers’ comment while refusing to allow his client to answer one of the investigators questions.

Simpson was asked what steps he had taken to assess the credibility of the dossier author’s sources. Josh Levy, Simpson’s attorney, wouldn’t allow him to answer to the question. “He’s given you over nine hours of information and he’s going to decline to answer this one question.”

Levy then added that “It’s a voluntary interview, and in addition to that he wants to be very careful to protect his sources. Somebody’s already been killed as a result of the publication of this dossier and no harm should come to anybody related to this honest work.”

At the end of the day Feinstein’s decision to release classified information regardless of wether or not it was done in the name of transparency wasn’t in poor taste. Now all other testimonials will be compromised by simply allowing them to go off of what Simpson said and not what they would have said had that testimony not been released.

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