BOOOM!: These Are Gruesome Results of Protesters Blocking Roadways…WARNING: GRAPHIC!

There are right ways and wrong ways to protest. Blocking traffic is  definitely the wrong way.

Protests are breaking out across the country, as many people who voted for someone other than Trump can’t understand why they don’t always get what they want and think they’re part of a “movement” by protesting the election results.

As infuriating as they may be, sometimes, they make us laugh.

A video posted by the Daily Caller shows a compilation of protesters trying to block traffic and failing miserably.

Warning: Strong content!



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  2. The protestors have the right TO PROTEST! BUT, the drivers have the right TO DRIVE! They all got exactly what they deserve! I look forward to plowing through a few of these protests myself, if they are ILLEGALLY blocking traffic!

  3. Simple solution: gonna go play in traffic expect to get hit. I never did like the law that makes the driver responsible for everything they hit on the road. Kid darts out and drive hits them driver goes to jail.. what about the parent that should have been watching the child? Protesters stand in the middle of the road.. stupid is as stupid does….what you think your accomplishing by standing in traffic? When your dad said “Go play in traffic” I doubt he meant it literally..Think about this.. If you wouldn’t put your child in your place standing there protesting why do it yourself.? Getting hit and killed just leaves your kid without a parent. These folks deserve the title “idiot”.

  4. This half mind (or no mind at all) #crazy #idiot democrats thinks they are super humans that will not be hurt if a car hit them. #STUPIDLIBERALS – all they know is protest IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD?.

  5. see….idiots like this….do they not take into consideration that someone might be in need of rushing somewhere for an emergency?!? if i were i’d fucking plow through them too. what is blocking the road doing to get their point across or to make people wanna listen to them?!? NOTHING! all doing this does is make people harbor hate towards them and makes everyone. or want to listen to a damn thing they say or stand for. they make themselves look like morons who don’t know how to get heard. but only know how to cause more friction between peoples. fuck them.

  6. I think we all have the right to protest as long as it doesn’t cause the loss others. So if going to protest stay out of traffic dumbass!

  7. RUN EM ALL DOWN…. Your won’t have to worry after you mow the first one down, the rest of them WILL MOVE….hahahahahahahaha

  8. Can’t see where they have the right to try and stop traffic, If the police were doing their jobs everyone of them would be in jail or ticketed.

  9. I love the sight of Leftist Lunatic bodies bleeding on the pavement! I see them trying to block a road, I am going to run the fecal maggots down if they don’t get out of the way! They deserve to be run down and sent to their Allah/Satan in HELL!

  10. I would not hesitate to run these Gutter Maggots down! If they are stupid enough to stand in the road, they deserve to be run down like the cockroaches they are! Nothing I love more than Dead & Dying Leftist/Racist Scum!

  11. Wish I was there ! I’d go through turn vehicle around & go back through again and again!
    A bunch of Worthless Junk ! Black lives matter, Why!! What a Joke !

  12. I don’t understand what they think they are accomplishing by standing in traffic . it would seem if they have a political issue would it not make more sense to picket your political offices. Why the hell would you want to irratate the rest of the country they cant fix it for you !! Dumbasses

  13. I would drive through them too. I wouldn`t care if they were all locked together with their stupid PVC pipes either! What did they think would happen if they blocked traffic? I even saw idiots taking pictures of the license plates..Oh well, maybe they were in fear for their lives since some of these dumb asses were climbing over their vehicles and throwing shit at them.


  15. I was always taught the streets are for cars and the sidewalks are for the people.
    You want to play in the streets you get what’s coming to you.
    People do this for no reason just want to be apart of something. What is this world coming too?
    Your choice to play in the road with the cars you get what you deserve. Don’t want to get hurt then stay on the sidewalk. You act brave and when the hate is turned you cry like a baby, no need to cry your in the road asking for it. Your only getting what you asked for..STAY OUT OF THE ROAD

  16. If you illegally detain someone on the sidewalk preventing them from enjoying THEIR freedoms, YOU are the Criminal.. Same for stopping traffic illegally, you are illegally imprisoning those in the vehicles who can’t go forward and most likely backward, you are illegally detaining them, they have every right to use force to get free…

  17. If I’m driving and minding my own business and a group of idiots get in my way and tries to stop me, you can bet I will Not stop. So they better get out of my way! The don’t belong on a roadway.

    • Right. You saw those “protesters” chasing after the car. If you stop, they kill you. And it’s not “leaving the scene of an accident” if you did it deliberately. That’s no accident.

  18. I have seen signs at Interstate on ramps that have this wording on them: “No pedestrians, bicycles, horses or motor driven cycles under 250 cc.” This, most likely, is a Federal standard because of receiving monies from national government taxes to maintain the Interstate motor system. If these signs are still around, what further explanation is necessary? Interstate 10 is the most recent highway that I remember seeing these signs.

  19. It’s a shame that the only way drivers can combat demonstrators blocking their passage, is to drive right through them. I guess these morons really didn’t think people would take back their right to travel on the PUBLIC roads. People are getting really SICK of this.

  20. stupid fools….run them over….we will be better off …..Black lives matter my ass… turds as useless as a fart in a wind storm.

  21. Anyone deliberately standing in the middle or on the roadway of a highway should be consider a self-suicide (by auto). They have ZERO right to be there disrupting traffic so like bad fish throw they overboard!

    • I wonder if I drove the speed limit for whatever roadway they are blocking if I would make it through without hurting anyone.

  22. May God and the Holy Spirit open up their minds and bring back their sanity and wisdom ! We ask this through Jesus Christ’s name! Amen!

  23. All these racist comments solve nothing and don’t get anyone off the highway! The point is people don’t need to protest on the highway to start with,and in case y’all didn’t notice,there were quite a few white folks out there as well, the point is STAYING OFF THE ROAD ! I don’t stop for stupidity! !!!!

  24. That’s very sad. I would never want to do something like that to anyone. But I’m a white male, seems like every time I see one of those mobs pulling someone out of a car and beating him to a pulp it’s a white male. If I come up on a violent mob like that I’m going to drive through them as slowing or as fast as seems necessary. I’ll even pray for those I’m running over, but I will not stop.

  25. If your stupid enough to stand in the middle of a road then you got what you deserved. Stupid is as stupid does. Your all puppets with strings being controlled by the puppet masters who do not care what happens to you as long as their agenda to destroy this country is met.

  26. hey if you are stupid enough to illegally block traffic. then if you get hit its on you. blocking traffic is not protesting it is brown shirt. hitler stuff. It is working to force your opinion on others. so stupid is as stupid does. run over them

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