HERE IT IS! That Viral Video That Is Shutting Down The Democrat Party. It Needs To Be Shared!!

Source | Liberals are freaking out over the latest (factual) video released by NRA TV.

In a tweet posted yesterday, Navy SEAL and NRA commentator Dom Raso, Jr. lays out the truth about the organized anarchy in America today in a video which includes footage from the “liberal resistance” and asks:

“What are you resisting?”

Liberals don’t like it when a mirror is held up and they’re forced to acknowledge their horrific behavior? Maybe their reaction is indicative of what happens when you give everyone a participation trophy and declare everyone winners. When you get to the real world, the reality is that contests, competitions, and elections have a winner – and a loser – and you have to learn how to appropriately deal with them both.

In the full video, Raso warns of the organized anarchy in America led by people who hate our president and those who support him. With obstructionist politicians putting American security at risk in exchange for a cheering crowd and a photo opp, the media spewing false information and celebrities giving speeches about oppression.

It’s time to “cut the crap,” Raso says in the 5-minute video posted on YouTube this weekend.

WATCH the full video here and let us know: Do you agree with this message? CONSERVATIVE POST

17 Comments on HERE IT IS! That Viral Video That Is Shutting Down The Democrat Party. It Needs To Be Shared!!

  1. Thank you for your service Dom Raso, Jr. That being said, I will not tolerate a so called “president” who promotes misogyny. …”I just grab them by the pu**y when ever I want to” Dom, you are a fool if you think this guy is good for USA. He shoves Moldavian President out of his way? real Presidential Dom. He decides what media outlets that can come to press conferences? Remind you of anything Dom? Did you fight to protect that kind of activity? I don’t think so. I think you found every single protest that had any sort of violence in it, so good for you Dom. What about the embarrassment we must endure each time drumpf opens his mouth? He has the emotional growth of a 5-year-old child. OH.. not my fault…he started it. He started it. Real presidential Dom, right? You keep comparing protests here with atrocities in other countries. Really Dom? Please open your eyes. There is no comparison. Cut the crap, Dom. It is trumplethinskin that is the real danger here. Why do you think he won’t release his taxes, Dom? If there is nothing there, why not release them, Dom? Instead of “draining the swamp”, he filled it right up. A billionaire woman in charge of education who doesn’t believe in the public school system. A man in charge of HUD who’s only qualification is that he has lived in a house? This is the kind of thing we are resisting, Dom. Resisting in any way we can. Wake up and smell the shit. I can tell that you’re a smart and courageous guy. Put some of that to use instead of pandering to the NRA. What has the NRA really done for you, Dom? The NRA, really? This mutt we have in the white house now is just plain dangerous. Embarrassing and dangerous. He has no idea what he is doing. The dangerous part is, he doesn’t know it. He’s an egomaniac with narcissistic tendencies. He needs to go and take that racist bozo Pence with him. Sorry Dom, but I am sure you are capable of better.

    • Mark Crane, you’ve been watching too much news. They are all controlled by the powers that be. No less than three Presidents have made statements that there is a power behind the government and that it controls both parties. Trump wasn’t supposed to happen. Crooked Hillary was. Most media are controlled too. It is sickening that the electoral college did its job and crybabies and people that do not understand the constitution cant handle it. I have seen too much proof that obummer was an illegal resident of this country and was put into power to further their agenda.

    • Don’t bother with fFake thank you’s to our Veterans… You are a non appreciate jackass who knows not a dam thing going on in this country…

    • Mark Crane, you should really be the POSTER CHILD of this video memorized the message. Your language is utterly perfect left and correct! When you grow up and sit your child down and explain how we lost our country all your hate jargon will be gone. Then you are responsible for speaking the truth and admitting you learned the whole truth at a later stage of life. It will be a very sad day for you.

    • Hahaha…they you better renounce all Kennedys …the Clintons…including Hillary who went after all the women that accused Bill of rape – so thrilled however to know that as a male you have never engaged in any talk like that,because it could appear years later like it did with Trump. You are a sterling example of appropriate male behavior and we should all be proud of you. Maybe you could teach NFL, NBA, politician and all Muslims how to behave correctly.

    • look man your entitled to you beliefs even though your way off man as a NRA member and a vet I have to say with all due respect you are so wrong!

    • So how do u feel about Bill Clinton. Was he your president? How did you feel about J FK? Do you consider him as a president? How about LBJ? I can continue naming presidents who had nooooooooooooooo respect for women!!!! Trump is not a saint but if you don’t accept him as President start scratching off many other presidents.

    • Are YOU capable of BETTER? You must be a CNN devotee. 93% negative news against Trump, according to the Harvard study. Fox News had a 52% negative rating. Where do you think you can get fair and balanced news? Open your eyes and your mind. Trump has done some great things so far…look at your stocks or 401K. You must love THOSE numbers.

  2. I comepletely agree! I pray that others will stand and agree also🙏🏻My grandson was killed in Afghanistan seven years ago. He was nineteen years old. Thank you for speaking out for all of us!!!!.

    • Nancy, so sorry for your loss, and I believe those who are doing what the anrachist are doing need to be sent to these communist terrorist countries to serve and if they make it back see what they have to say then.

  3. Mr. Crane, you have been watching too much CNN,MSNBC, & the rest of the drive-by media. You mention Mr Trump’s choice of the news ppl. he invites to press room, I don’t blame him, they’re all fake news except maybe Fox. What do you dems. have against billionaires or rich ppl. in general, could it be that you are a marxist/socialist/commie who believes the small elite should be in charge of all the money, & the small elite decides who it is distributed to. You have your undies in a knot because the head of Education is a billionaire, I have no trouble with that as long as she is paying what IRS requires.I’m sure you would like for it all to go to the few elite who in socialist/commie governments control ALL the money, look at Valenzuela now, if you think this commie utopia is so great.I also hope she starts teaching some patriotism in our schools & American Exceptionalism instead of this multiculturalism, globalist, everyone is equal B/S. We are all different & have different abilities that needs to be developed, each one to his own potential, instead of thus saith the party.The part about grabbing a woman by her pu**y is intolarable I think, but you have to look at when he said it & to whom he said it, he was a young man, spouting off at the mouth, to another young man.Most men have said things [they thought were in private, they would be embarrassed if they were made public] they would not want broadcast over national TV. I could go on, mostly, a lot of ppl. were not really happy with Mr. Obama either, in fact I think a lot of us had the same feelings towards him, you have towards Mr. Trump. Bottom line is, the dems., millenials [millidiots] cannot get over Mr Trump winning. I had to get over having a muslim/socialist/commie for 8 yrs., so I say, grin & bear it. At least I know Mr Trump loves this country & wants to make it great again, of course I’m aware that is not what Hilary had in mind at all.

  4. I do not comprehend what happened but my post in response to Mr.Crane did not get posted. No, it wasn’t rude or crude or insulting. I just wanted him to realize that in America we have the right to form our own opinions about things. We are not a socialist/commie country [ yet ] where the ppl. are told what to think, say, & can & cannot do. I felt the same way about Mr Obama as he does about Mr Trump. Get over your losses, I did.

  5. This guy crane is a typical liberal, drinking the cool aid,and doesn’t know when a president(non-politician)is trying to return this country to it was before Obummer ruined it,it’s going to take a few more years to see how much his policies screwed this country!Heeven screwed his own people hope they wise up and see the Dems are only interested in there votes,he only set race relations back 50yrs,and more police officers were killed in his 8yrs,than Back in the 70s. Billy P.

  6. Thanks Dom, from a fellow Veteran. I was a Navy Gunner’s Mate. I served 2 volunteer enlistments beginning on Aug 1, 1968. All Military Service DEMANDS personal sacrifice from anyone who TAKES THE OATH. I think that EVERY ABLE-BODIED ADULT should have to serve in some type of REGIMENTED NATIONAL SERVICE, which requires the time, physical training, organizational experience, and teamwork experience, and DEDICATION AND LOYALTY to SOMETHING BIGGER THAN YOURSELF that are the very basic elements of Miltary Service. I think such a requirement of AMERICAN YOUTH would go a long way towards eliminiating a lot of the stupidity and irresponsible actions we are seeing our country subjected to. I think that a college education should be denied anyone and everyone who is able-bodied yet refuses to SERVE, and SERVE FIRST. I would like to know your opinion on this matter.

    • As another NAVY Viet-Nam Era Veteran I totally agree with you. I have been saying the same thing for 50 years! Just think how great our country would be if every citizen did their part and respected what it stands for instead of the selfish crybaby millennial wimps that think they have all the answers without ever sacrificing in their entire lives.

  7. You can see by some of the comment’s that our veteran is 100% correct !!!! We do not have to like all the thing’s about our president but I like what he stands for 100% !!!!!

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