Wake Up Hollywood: #TeamOssoff Goes Down The Drain

Since day one of President Trump’s victory, many Hollywood stars have not wanted to accept the reality of our nation’s truth.

The fact is, Trump is our President and will remain in the White House for his entire term despite the despicable efforts made by his enemies to remove him from his rightful position.

As Americans, it is our responsibility to honor our leaders and respect their authority, understanding he or she is doing everything in their power to keep our nation safe and thriving as a whole.

However, some still feel they have immunity over the President’s own voice.

According to breitbart,

Hollywood celebrities took to Twitter Tuesday night to vent after Democrat Jon Ossoff lost Georgia’s Sixth District special congressional election to Republican challenger Karen Handel.

Celebrities who donated time and money to Ossoff’s campaign, including actresses Alyssa Milano and Rosie O’Donnell, used their social media accounts to react to the Democrat’s loss shortly after the election results were confirmed late Tuesday night.

Milano, who personally drove voters to the polls in April’s preliminary election and was actively campaigning for the Democrat for most of Election Day, tweeted simply: “Grouphug” and “Get in.”

Meanwhile, electronic music producer Moby and vocal Trump critic O’Donnell appeared to be frustrated by the results, with Moby questioning how Democratic “still can’t win” even with “buffoon” Donald Trump in the White House. O’Donnell tweeted: “DONALD TRUMP IS THE DARKNESS ITSELF.”

As Breitbart News previously reported, Ossoff’s loss marked a stunning rejection of Hollywood by Georgia voters. Several celebrities, including Milano, Samuel L. Jackson, and John Leguizamo, donated time and money to the Democrat’s campaign in what became an expensive and closely-watched race and a de facto referendum on President’s Trump’s tenure in office thus far.

Below, find more celebrity reaction to the results of Georgia’s special congressional election:

She’s a ridiculous obscenity of a candidate. Great work Georgia. Now complain that you’ve elected an unqualified cracker.

— Willie Garson (@WillieGarson) June 21, 2017

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  1. To bad so sad Rosie think of how much good all the money you donated and wasted.
    You could have given the money to some children that where really poor. Think of all the good it would have done . You are a complete moron, selfish and stupid. That is why your children run away from you and hate you. You get back what you give and you will never get the love or respect from your children because you don’t deserve it.

  2. I beginning to think the media not only can’t report facts, they can’t count either. If the President is so low in the polls, why do Republicans keep winning? I think you dumb-O-crats, need to stay out of the street. Go to school, get a job, or leave the country, You’re taking up valuable space.

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