Hollywood Movie Star Seth Rogen Just Attacked Trump Fan Who Was Stabbed 9 Times And In Critical Condition

For quite some time, the world has been getting more and more obsessed with what the rich and famous do, where they go, what they wear and what they think about things. Unfortunately for us, these are usually people who got their fame due to either their looks or their ability to lie. The rise to fame of the typical movie star usually includes a rocket ship powered by money that lands on the planet Malibu, where the communities are gated and the troubles of the regular American may as well be from another planet.

Listening to a movie star or pop singer for your political or moral values would be kind of like getting your religious views from a drug dealer; yes, they might have some strong views, but they’ll be subjective to what accommodates their personal lifestyle, rather than what’s right and wrong.

Every single time one of these limousine liberals opens their big liberal mouths we’re reminded just how out of touch with the real world they are. The most recent ridiculously rude and classless display of that was from comedy superstar Seth Rogen who thought it’d be ok to make fun of a guy who sort of resembled him who’d been repeatedly stabbed and left for dead by Muslims who were, ya know, just acting out their religion.

Via InfoWars:

“Actor Seth Rogen mocked a multiple stabbing victim on Twitter because the Trump supporter did not have health insurance in another shocking example of vulgar leftist rhetoric.

Tony Foreman was stabbed nine times following a “free speech rally” in Santa Monica, California, last Saturday. The attackers, a Muslim Armenian gang, told Foreman, “You’re getting the shank White Boy,” before lunging at him with knives.

Two male suspects later identified as Edgar Khodzhasaryan, 30, and Arsen Bekverdyan, 31, were arrested and charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

Immediately after the vicious attack, instead of using it to reflect on the rising tide of anti-Trump hate crime that has swept the nation, the left exploited the stabbing to make fun of the victim for not having health insurance.

Actor Seth Rogen followed suit earlier today, tweeting, ‘Just so everyone knows, I’m NOT a white nationalist, I have NOT been stabbed 9 times, and I DO have health insurance!’

Rogen was using the fact that he physically resembled Foreman to mock the victim for not having health insurance. The actor’s tweet was clearly intended to insult the victim because of his political views.

The reaction was swift.

‘He is not alt-right or a white supremacist. He’s a good guy with a big heart looking to fight for his country. What’s wrong with you dude?’ asked Mike Tokes.

‘I’m a Latino so he’s not a white supremacist. He’s a kind person who doesn’t discriminate. See him at the hospital and apologize,’ demanded Congressional candidate Omar Navarro.

‘In an age where everyone gets accused of being “racist”, making fun of someone that’s been stabbed 9 times seems… humorless,’ added another Twitter user.

Rogen’s tweet is a disgrace, but it’s par for the course in an age where leftists engage in the most vitriolic hate against conservatives with wanton abandon.

Does Rogen ever wonder why vile, out of touch, elitist Hollywood pricks like himself are so reviled by flyover country?

This tweet is why. This tweet is why Trump won.”

For one thing, why on earth is it ok to call the guy a white supremacist? I know it can’t be his looks since the whole reason he got attention is that he looked like Rogen. Maybe it’s because he was at a Trump Rally. I guess anyone who’s associating with the white guy that a bunch of white people supports, who the liberals have branded a racist must be a white supremacist. Somehow that logic is passed off with a straight face by many liberals. Also, he was supposedly there working security, and the chance is anyone who’s actually working in the middle of the day is up to no good in the minds of the liberals.

Too, they’ve really gotta move fast to pull the attention off the fact that it was a pack of out of control Muslims that did the stabbing. We can’t be letting Islam get a bad name by people realize that they might be the next victim. That would be very unfortunate for the liberal agenda. Since the stabbing was done by a group of people that have been put into a protected class, they really need to keep the bad press away from him. TO be honest, this could all just be Rogen tackling the grenade so that his buddies don’t look bad.

And as far as the crack about his not having insurance, I can’t even begin to point out all the reasons that is completely below the belt. Thanks to the crooked Obama, many middle-class people lost their insurance. Because that’s what happens when premiums triple. And somehow they’re using that to say that it supports theirs over the top socialist policies. Just leave it alone, the free market will work it out.

Usually, I say that people like Rogen should keep their ignorant opinions to themselves. However, if they keep making completely uninformed and heartless statements like this, they’ll bury their agenda on their own.

(Source: Info Wars)

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  1. This guy or his family should file a slander/defamation suit against Seth Rogen and let him get his ass handed to him in the courts.

  2. Don’t know the celeb-tongued devil that disgraced his name and family, using a person so injured except this is how a Pack of Hyenas intimidated their Prey, Circling and Cackling and Showing their large teeth . Soulless ?? The injured man will recover, the ‘celeb’ is rotting from within .

  3. Seth Rogan, you are despicable, disgusting, and are one of the main reasons President Group got elected! You do not represent most of main stream Americans! You are an IDIOT! Classless and unintelligent! I will never watch one of your ignorant movies!!

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