Anonymous Reveals The Identities of Alt-Left Hate Group, AntiFa

Details about the identities of some of the alt-left, hate group AntiFa members has been released by the group Anonymous.


AntiFa members usually keep their faces covered so they can commit crimes like breaking windows, burning cars and assaulting anyone who seems to have right wing beliefs. CNN even glorified them on a segment about who the group was. When interviewing the members, they showed up with their faces covered, wearing sunglasses. Well… The masks have now been removed thanks to Anonymous. Check out the cowards below…

World News Politics| Most Antifa members hide their identity by wearing black masks and hoods. This ensures they won’t be charged for the property damage and physical assault they regularly engage in. However news today from Right Wing News is going to put the brakes on Antifa’s arrogance.

AntifaAccording to Right Wing News, the hacktivist group Anonymous has just posted details of the identities of many Antifa members on the forum 8Chan. Anonymous is politically neutral and seeks to expose all that is secret and behind the scenes in the modern surveillance state. Many of the Antifa criminals appear to work in supposedly respectable professions such as education, offices, authors, political activists and computer programmers. Less surprising is that many were also found to be rabid Communists and anarchists.

The full list can be found here.

 As far as I’m concerned, only criminals feel the need to hide their identities with masks. If you watch all of their actions and rioting you will come to the same conclusion that these people are nothing short of terrorists.

These antifa folks have been asking for a beat down, and after the wrong (or right) people see these identities they’re going to get their wish. I’d like to see them ask the police for help then!

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