Israel Gives President Trump Rare Honor

President Trump just received an award that tops any Nobel Prize ever given.

The Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat is a big fan of our President Donald Trump. He has recently decided to honor President Trump for are peace among nations. The Jerusalem Mayor announced this award is for action and points to a peace deal that will blow the lids off the North Korea deal Trump is currently working on.

If President Trump can manage to pull off peace in the Mideast (with Saudi Arabia just about to make a come through with the rest of the Arab people) things have never looked so good for America! Trump will of course not get the credit he deserves because of our corrupt mainstream media and our political elitists. They are already saying he had nothing to do with North Korea. 

According to subjectpolitics:

If the Nobel committee stiffs Trump just remember that Obama got his for words, Trump gets awards like naming the square near the US embassy site in Jerusalem the “United States Square in honor of President Donald Trump,” because of his actions.

From the Jerusalem Post:

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat announced his intention to formally name the square near the US embassy site the “United States Square in honor of President Donald Trump,” the Jerusalem Press Office released on Tuesday.

An official event with American dignitaries will be held in the future to celebrate the naming.

“This is the way in which Jerusalem returns love to the president and residents of the United States who stand by the state of Israel,” said the mayor. “President Trump decided to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish people, stand on the side of historical truth and do the right thing.”

Located at the junction of David Flusser Street and Kfar Etzion Street, the square was formally green lighted to get a new name a year ago by the naming committee of Jerusalem. ”

Actions, concrete things that get results versus empty words. Which would you rather have in your President?

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