HOLY COW! Judge Jeanine Pirro Just P*SSED OFF Every Liberal With A BRUTAL Message Of Truth That’s Going Viral

So it would seem that now-a-days it is perfectly okay to believe anything you want, be anything you want to be, and say anything you want to say, as long as you are in agreement with the left.

These ultra “politically correct” Anti-fascist liberals (Antifa) do not respond nicely if you feel otherwise.

Oh and don’t forget that if you want to argue with their beliefs, expect a full blown child tantrum with their own special type of liberal violence.

From subjectpolitics:

Welcome to the skewed thought process of Antifa- an extremist group who justifies violent behavior in the name of ‘fighting fascism.’ They openly attack anyone who doesn’t agree with them, and applaud vicious attacks against supporters of President Trump.

Judge Jeanine Pirro, a former District Attorney for the state of New York, has had enough. She has a message for these extremists who commit violent acts in the name of ‘peace.’ (Video Below)

“- the left so hates Donald Trump and those that support him that they sanction the use of violence against them. They are attempting to recast our legal system without authority to do so, without legislative sanction, and without judicial imprimatur. To them, the use of physical violence is legal, proper, and justified if they disagree with your politics. The very ones who call you fascist, and label themselves anti-fascist- or Antifa- are changing the rules. Propagating a legal theory that is not only outrageously incorrect and an affront to Democracy, it is an outright attempt at anarchy.”

Watch the video to hear Judge Jeanine deliver a dose of reality to the disconnected extremist groups who use politics as an excuse to throw dangerous tantrums.

Share this in support of your fellow Trump supporters who don’t deserve to be targeted for their beliefs. Help keep America free!

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