BOMBSHELL: Kamala Harris Offered $400,000 Bribe To Senator For “No” Vote On Kavanaugh

Did Kamala Harris offer a $400,000 bribe to another Senator?

It looks like Kamala Harris offered Democratic senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, a $400,000 bribe to vote “no” on Brett Kavanaugh.

Heitkamp, who comes from a pro-Trump red state that has 60% support of Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court, made a politically hurtful decision to vote against Kavanaugh.

This decision will not look good for the upcoming election that was already showing her coming in behind her opponent Rep. Kevin Cramer.

So what caused Heitkamp to go from being sympathetic towards Kavanaugh to voting against him?

She claims it was a matter of conscience, yet the accusations against him had zero evidence and zero corroboration.

An email has been revealed showing Kamala Harris fundraising for Heitkamp and praising her decision to vote “no” on Kavanaugh.

This fundraising has brought in about $400, ooo for Heitkamp. Was this part of an agreement between the two for her vote against Kavanaugh?

Soon after the vote Heitkamp was quick to release a video to her pro-Kavanaugh state as to why she decided to vote, “no”. In the video she explained her vote to be a matter of “conscience” and says that she hopes voters see this as an example of her independence.

“I reminded them this is what I do. I don’t take shortcuts,” she said. “I’ve taken some tough votes in the Senate. I’ve taken some tough votes that Democrats haven’t liked in the Senate. I’ve taken some votes that Republicans haven’t liked, but at the end of the day, you have an obligation to do the right thing as you see it, and I think that’s what’s missing maybe a little bit in politics today.”

Heitkamp prides herself in working with Donald Trump, her vote against Kavanaugh was shocking to those who expected her to continue working with the President.

Being behind in the polls, a “yes” vote would have also helped her politically.

So was the big chunk of change raised by Harris a payoff for her “no” vote?

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  1. This is the truth……Harris begs me for money twice a week…. I live in California and she just likes to put the touch on me….. Every goofy liberal cause…… “Please …. we need your help..

  2. I feel sorry for all the decent hardworking American legal citizens if democrats get back control Obama’s eight years was really bad for America but the new socialist democrat party will be 100 times worse on all fronts jobs taxes security no borders a justice department will be corrupted even deeper if they get the White House increases in crime rape drugs gangs poverty homeless will go to a new level like never seen before but illegal immigrants will have housing free healthcare welfare payments veterans will once again be neglected African American citizens be pushed out so the socialist democrats can get all their illegal immigrants their new voter base how can anyone in America vote for the socialist democrat party under socialist rule the only people well of and live a very comfortable life is the socialist democrat politicians look at any country that is or has been a socialist country republicans should bring in people from Venezuela on campaign trails so they can tell the American citizens first hand what it is like to be starving for food no electricity no home robberies and assault for what they find in rubbish bins to eat it should be taught in school and college so they no the truth

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