KARMA: After Comey Slipped up & Admitted The Truth About Fake Trump ‘Dossier,’ Judge Jeanine Leaked His Worst Nightmare

James Comey is currently using his new book to make bombshell claims about the POTUS.

He claims President Trump pushed him to look into the notorious dossier which was stating he purchased Russian prostitutes to give him “golden showers.” James Comey made it clear that he wanted the dirty dossier to be untrue in case Melania thought it was true by even “one percent.”

The President said there is no way he would let someone pee around him as Trump asked him at least three times about the tapes in Moscow’s hotel room. Now, a shocking new video has been revealed showing James Comey’s interview about the Steele “dossier” he used to gather a warrant to spy on President Trump.

But then he can’t seem to hold his tongue and leaks the TRUTH about the Dossier and Judge Jeanine is not afraid to expose James Comey for his mistakes. Lets see how long Comey can go! 

According to subjectpolitics:

First, Comey implies that because Pres. Trump was worried about Melania seeing these sick rumors, then maybe there is some truth to them.

“How could your wife think there was a 1% chance you were with prostitutes peeing on each other in Moscow? … I don’t know whether or not [Trump] was with Prostitutes peeing on each other in Moscow in 2013. It’s possible…”

But moments later, Comey continued admitted to George Stephanopoulos that he knew at the time the Dossier was not legitimate, but chose not to tell President Trump.

This means he knowingly got a FISA warrant to spy on Trump and his team, based on a made up document.

Judge Jeanine exposed Comey for tripping himself up and admitting the truth. This video clip below is going viral.

“Jim you’re a LIAR! This is the dossier that you presented to a FISA Court Judge and you admit you told the President you couldn’t ‘credit’ it…. and yet you seek a warrant before a judge based on this fake dossier. Were you lying before the Judge or were you lying in the book.”

But she didn’t stop there. Watch the explosive clip here:

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  1. Well done,Judge.Comey is so make believe yet he had such a position of power.He and his clubbies were so distraught by the vision of Trump’s success they ran about unclothed by the costume of integrity.They actually believed the citizens were so beneath them they could openly defecate upon them at will.Thank God, and the voters,Trump prevailed.

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