Kavanaugh’s First Day As JUSTICE Sets Record, Reveals 25-Year Problem With Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Kavanaugh’s First Day As JUSTICE Sets a Record, Reveals 25-Year Problem With Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

After a huge circus and delay after delay, we finally get to see JUSTICE Brett Kavanaugh in action! Kavanaugh sets a record on his first day by hiring an African American law clerk to work with him in the Supreme Court. Sounds like a non-news story, but democrat Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been a Justice since 1993 and in that 25 years through hiring hundreds of law clerks only ONE has been African American.

Ginsburg has been criticized for decades over her hiring practices. Sen. Orrin Hatch directly confronted Ginsburg at her confirmation hearing, asking if a small business in a majority black city that hired ZERO black people and 57 white people over a period of 13 years  was discriminatory. Then he pointed out that this was her record of clerkship hiring while on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. The answer to that question is yes, yes it is. Ginsburg of course, dodged the question.

“I will try harder, and if you confirm me for this job my attractiveness to black candidates is going to improve,” Ginsburg replied, causing the chamber to break out in laughter.

Aren’t democrats supposed to be the “black party”? The ones who want the best for the black community and are all about tolerance and race relations… Nope, not really.

Not only did Kavanaugh break a race related record, but a gender one too. Kavanaugh is the first Supreme Court Justice to hire all females on his first hiring as a Justice. White males who come from prestigious schools are usually the first pick.

During Kavanaugh’s ceremony he thanked the many people who were supporting him and praying for him through the major trials of getting to where he is now, he also pointed out how important friendship was to him. “Cherish your friends, look out for your friends, lift up your friends. Love your friends. I love all my friends.”

We’re proud of you Kavanaugh! We’re happy that he stayed strong through the major attacks from the left and wasn’t scared away, like the democrats were hoping. Congratulations Brett, we know you’ll continue to break records and accomplish great things.

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