Video Shows Unspeakable Horrors Media Fawning over North Korean Olympic Display have Forgotten

Mainstream media outlets praise Kim Yo Jong for her North Korean diplomacy, but forget the horrors occurring in her brother’s country.

American news organizations spent the opening ceremonies for the 2018 Winter Olympics fawning over Kim Yo Jong, sister of the North Korean toddler tyrant Kim Jong Un.  Not only was it grossly offensive to those of us who remember threats of nuclear attack from just last year, but also resulted in pumping up the ego of a man who needs no assistance in that arena.

While mainstream media might have been impressed with Kim Yo Jong’s ‘diplomacy,’ hundreds of thousands are suffering inhuman justice in the country she so proudly represents.

Via IJR:

CNN claimed that Kim Yo Jong, who is said to work in government propaganda, was “stealing the show,” and The Washington Post compared her to President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump. Other networks, including NBC and ABC, gushed about the large contingent of North Korean cheerleaders.

The New York Times even praised Kim Yo Jong’s efforts at “diplomacy,” suggesting that with just a few smiles, she had “outflanked” Vice President Mike Pence.

But what hasn’t been reported on lately is that aside from a joint hockey team and a few public appearances, nothing in North Korea has changed.

A BuzzFeed video from 2014 used the stories and drawings from a former North Korean prisoner to paint a much more vivid — and more disturbing — picture.

Watch Here:

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  1. North Korean leaders are not capable of being normal human beings and will NOT be such all because of the tens of thousands of their fellow North Koreans whom they have MURDERED! Of all the rigid totalitarian beliefs they adhere to the fact that “murder” for them is not abnormal must never be brushed away. Ever since the “Korean War”, they have never deviated from the inhuman atrocities they have committed and persist in doing at the present time. Diplomacy with fanatic and murdering savages must be many magnitudes of difference apart from the normal ways nations communicate with each other. In short, they are anathema!

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