Sanders Lawyer Excoriates DNC Over Cheating for Hillary in Election

Even Bernie Sanders very own lawyer has become a whistleblower in the fraudulent acts which continue to take place since the 2016 Presidential Election.

Is the role of the Democratic National Committee in the presidential election to sway the vote toward a safe, solid and respected insider who will supposedly drive the party straight into the White House, or is it to provide voters the ultimate decision as to which campaign will take the ballot, without any bias or partiality?

This is the ultimate question of a class-action lawsuit charging the Democratic National Committee with fraud, deceptive conduct and negligent misrepresentation over the course of the 2016 primaries, in which Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was defeated by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Democratic ticket.

Reported by conservativetribune,

In an interview with Breitbart, a lawyer representing Bernie Sanders supporters in a class-action lawsuit against the DNC called the committee’s actions “the ultimate Ponzi scheme” and said that if the suit goes further they “expect to find much more evidence of the DNC’s misconduct” in helping Hillary Clinton cheat her way to the nomination.

Jared Beck of Beck & Lee Trial Lawyers is representing Sanders donors in the case Wilding v. DNC Services Corp. He said his clients had an expectation of impartiality when they donated to the candidate during the 2016 campaign.

Instead, he said hacked emails released from the DNC reveal that the organization was mostly in the tank for Clinton. The plaintiffs are currently awaiting a ruling on the DNC’s motion to dismiss. He also blew the whistle on what he said was an attempt by the office of former DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz to interfere with the case.

During the interview, Beck said the suit rested on common law principles of misrepresentation and fraud.

“If there is anything ‘new,’ it is the application of these principles to the sphere of political campaigns,” Beck said. “One might view this application as a natural consequence of Citizens United — an opinion that crystallizes campaign contributions as the quintessential form of American political participation.

“By equating political participation with financial contribution, Citizens United, by inference, incorporates all of the common-law principles of fraud, negligent misrepresentation, etc. that typically govern in the economic sphere. Americans have a cognizable interest in the transparent and fair conduct of primary campaigns precisely because they, through their campaign contributions, are also financiers of the campaign.”

Jared Beck had some very strong words for the DNC’s methods during the interview…

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